15 July 2024

Since Blackpink member Lisa began her soloist career by releasing her debut solo track ROCKSTAR, she has been dominating the music scene not only in South Korea and Thailand but in the world.

Yes, you read that right, Lisa’s ROCKSTAR has also surpassed the superhit song of Eminen “Houdini” on YouTube’s Global Top Songs Chart for the biggest streaming week in 2024. It won’t be wrong to say that Lisa has been enjoying the dream debut for any artist as her debut solo song directly debuted at number 1 on YouTube’s Global Top Songs Chart which is phenomenal and a great achievement.

Since it was claimed that Lisa’s Rockstar song has surpassed Eminem’s Houdini on YouTube’s Global Top Songs Chart, fans have been curiously seeking the details to learn how many streams Lisa’s Rockstar garnered to surpass Eminem’s Houdini. If you are also curious to learn the same, then go through the article to the end. Scroll down the page.

Blackpink’s Lisa Makes History

The recently released song Rockstar has taken the music industry by storm and dominated every chart, indicating the solid response of the audience to the song and showcasing the immense fan following of Blackpink member Lisa. Singer Lisa garnered immense praise and love from her fans after releasing her debut solo track. In addition, her debut solo track is also catapulted to the top tiers of international charts.

Reflecting on the impetuous response from the audience, Lisa’s Rockstar song broke the record for the Biggest 24-hour Debut for a K-pop solo artist or any artist in 2024 on YouTube by garnering over 32.4 million views and 3.4 million likes. On the day of its worldwide release, Lisa’s Rockstar started its march to break Eminem’s Houdini’s record on the weekly chart of YouTube.

For the unversed, Eminem’s Houdini had been in first place for a long time with 60.3 million views but Lisa’s Rockstar has broken its record and already has emerged as the Biggest weekly streaming for any song in 2024 with 80.5 million views. Interestingly, Lisa’s Rockstar debuted directly at number 1 on YouTube’s Global Top Songs Weekly Chart. Continue reading this article for more.

The records broken and created by Lisa’s debut solo song Rockstar, show her immense success as a soloist and the overwhelming response to her debut song of the audience. However, this song already had created a buzz ahead of its release, all of Lisa’s fans were eagerly waiting for the release of this song because the Blackpink member rapped in the song and choreographed the video as well.

Rockstar is the first song Lisa released under her label LLOUD Co. It was released in collaboration with Sony Music’s RCA Records. By rapping and choreographing her debut solo song Rockstar, Lisa solidified her reputation and established herself as a K-pop Icon and a Global Pop sensation as well. Rockstar song came as a career-defining and trendsetting song for Lisa. Kindly take a peek at the next section as well to learn more about Rockstar’s achievements.

Lisa’s debut solo track not only debuted at the top of YouTube’s Global Top Songs Weekly Chart but also secured first place on Billboard Global (Excl US) Chart. This achievement of Lisa’s Rockstar song made her the third Blackpink member to top the chart with her solo song after Jennie and Rose who already had topped the Billboard Global (Excl US) Chart. Interestingly, Blackpink also became the first group to have all the member topping the chart with their solo tracks. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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