13 July 2024

Lisa, one of the members of the South Korean girls’ group Blackpink, nowadays making headlines because of her recently released song titled “Rockstar”. However, Lisa’s Rockstar song rocks Thai fans more than South Korean fans as the Blackpink member marks her transition into the Thai Hip-Hop genre from the K-pop domain. Whatever the dynamics of the song the most important thing is that it is trending everywhere and topping charts worldwide. According to the latest reports, Lisa’s Rockstar has topped various charts worldwide, indicating Blackpink member Lisa’s new song is getting a warm response from the media, indicating Lisa’s solo career has taken off. In the following sections of this article, we have comprehensibly discussed the ranking of Lisa’s Rockstar song on different platforms and charts. For more in-depth insights, keep reading this article. Scroll down.

Lisa’s ‘Rockstar’ Trends Globally Despite Plagiarism Allegations

Lisa who is a member South Korean Pop group Blackpink, is a native of Thailand. After a hiatus of several months, Lisa launched her full-fledged solo career by releasing her song “Rockstar” which also marks her transition from the K-pop industry to the Thai music industry. In addition, the Rockstar song also marks the first collaboration of Lisa with LLOUD Co. in partnership with RCA Records of Sony Music.

This song features dynamic pop vocals along with energetic rap, highlighting the singer’s presence as a global artist beyond the K-pop landscape. Shortly after releasing, Rockstar packed at number 8 on the US Global Chart of Spotify marking the highest debut for any K-pop female solo artist in the history of Spotify. This single song also beat the performance and records of her previous hit songs Money and Lalisa which ranked number 28 and 15 respectively.

As mentioned, Lisa is originally from Thailand, her song peaked at number 1 in her native country where this song has been streamed more than 2.57 million times, setting a benchmark for the highest daily streams for any song released in Thailand. In the music video of Rockstar, Lisa flaunts her new look and avatar on the streets of Bangkok. The fame and notoriety Lisa has garnered across the world helped her new single to trend in other countries like Australia, Mexico, France, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, and Turkey as well. Notably, the official music video of Rockstar also peaked at number one on the YouTube Music Video Trending Worldwide chart. Continue reading this article for more details.

Likely, fans have chosen Lisa’s Rockstar as This Week’s Favorite New Music in all Genre Poll. In an unexpected turn of events, Lisa’s song Rockstar was also embroiled in a controversy after a Chinese designer claimed plagiarism of Lisa’s costume design in the music video of Rockstar. The music video of Rockstar was officially released on June 28, 2024, worldwide. Upon the release of the song and its music video, the fans and critics acclaimed the powerpack comeback of Lisa with a visually stunning video but it did not take long to embroil in a controversy when a Chinese designer made plagiarism claims over Lisa’s costume in the video.

The Chinese designer who made plagiarism claims is named Jewel Y who posted on the Chinese social media platform about Lisa’s stylist of plagiarism. In particular, Jewel Y made claims about the star-shaped leather halter top that she donned in the music video of Rockstar. The Chinese designer claims the costume of Lisa in Rockstar MV is similar to her creations from 2020. As of yet, neither Lisa nor LLOUD Co. a music label she launched after ending her contract with YG Entertainment, has responded to it. Stay tuned to this website.

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