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Lack of documentary evidence regarding the amount stolen – Tarun BharatNews WAALI

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Representative/ Ratnagiri

During the Jakadevi bank robbery, when the bank manager went to the police station to file a complaint, no bank documents were taken and no record of the stolen money was seized. Adv Sanket Ghag argued before the court that he wanted to take this money from the bank and use it to find and seize it from the accused.

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The case is being tried before the court of Ratnagiri Sessions Judge Vinayak Rajaram Joshi, while arguing from the defense side, Ad Ghag said that the manager of Kavishwar bank said in the complaint that the accused stole 6 lakh rupees in Jakadevi Asla Pahize bank robbery, however, the government party did not present the documentary evidence that the exact amount was stolen, said Ghag, and the injured Suresh Gurav identified only one accused before the court, but it was not stated which act the accused had done, and at the time of the incident, 3 attackers were wearing purple shirts. , and in his comments he had made a completely inconsistent statement that the attackers had shot at him. The line of identification is questionable. event, which is very suspicious. Ad Ghag said before the Gitle court

Jakadevi Central Bank was robbed on November 28, 2013. At this time, the suspected accused shot and killed an employee of the bank, Santosh Chavan (Ra Dhamanse), while another person was seriously injured and took the suspect charged amount of Rs 6 lakh 88,000 from the bank safe It was alleged that the accused escaped in a private vehicle, 6 suspects were charged, among them Rajendra Rajawat (25, Res. Kalyan), Harish Goswami ( 25, Res. Kalyan), Prathamesh Sawant (18, Res. Jakadevi), Shivaji Bhise (25 , Res. Kalyan), Nikhil Sawant (24, Res. Dombivli) and Prashant Shelar (28, Res. Mumbai)

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