15 July 2024
Kyla Blight

In a shocking turn of events, a teenage girl’s lungs collapsed due to her habit of vaping. The girl whose lungs collapsed after vaping is named Kyla Blight and she is just 17 years of age as of now. Shockingly, Kyla Blight used to vape the equivalent of 400 cigarettes a week. The 17-year-old had become addicted to vape and used to think vape did not harm her body. Meanwhile, she started vaping the equivalent of 400 cigarettes in one week unknowingly. As a repercussion of vaping to such a level, Kyla Blight collapsed her lung. This news has created a stir within the community where people have been raising their voices for strict action or a ban on the use of vape. Where is Kyla Blight right now? Get all the updates on Kyla Blight’s treatment in the following sections. Continue reading this article.

Kyla Blight
Kyla Blight with his father

The teenage girl, Kyla Blight, thought smoking vaping would not harm her health and started vaping at the age of 15. Unknowingly, she became addicted to it and began vaping coequal to 400 cigarettes in one week. Due to extremely excessive vaping, Kyla Blight turned blue after her lung collapsed while sleeping at a friend’s home. 17-year-old Kyla Blight was immediately rushed to a hospital and underwent a long surgery that lasted for around 5 and a half hours. The doctors removed the part of Kyla Blight’s lung as her heart almost stopped pumping.

According to the reports, Kyla Blight’s lung collapsed due to excess vaping which caused her lung to collapse. Furthermore, a small air blister called pulmonary bleb developed in her lung, resulting in lung collapse. Her father, Mark Blight, is raising his voice against vapes and warning parents about the consequences of vaping. Kyla Blight’s family confirmed that she was 15 years of age when she started vaping. Over time, the girl became addicted to it and would often get through 4000 nicotine puffs of vape in a week which is equal to 400 cigarettes.

Kyla Blight

Kyla’s father Mark Blight also used his social media accounts to aware parents of vaping and explained his daughter’s incident. Mark urged the young individuals to stop using vapes and throw their vapes away because it’s not worth it. According to the reports, Mark is the father of nine and he hails from Egremont, Cumbria. Over the last couple of weeks, he has been to hell with his daughter Kyla Blight. He revealed that his 17-year-old daughter was at a friend’s home where she was sleeping. At around 4 am in the early morning, Mark received a call from Kyla’s friend’s home that his daughter collapsed and turned blue. He immediately rushed to Kyla’s friend’s house and took his daughter to a hospital. The doctors told him that his daughter collapsed due to a hole created in her lung as a result of excessive vaping. He further explained that his 17-year-old daughter was on the verge of suffering a cardiac arrest because doctors had put a drain on her.

On Tuesday, the teenage girl also underwent hours-long surgery to remove a part of her lung. Reportedly, Kyla even had a seizure on the operation table. Her father also opened up that his daughter started facing health issues last year in November when she nearly suffered a heart attack. The doctors had informed them a hole had occurred in her lung which was reported to be completely healed in February 2024. On May 11, the excess vaping punctured her lings and burst the bleb to cause lung collapse. Her family was not aware of Kyla Blight’s excessive habit of vaping.

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