19 July 2024
Kuwari Begum

In recent times, an Indian YouTuber known as Kuwari Begum became the major talking point but not for good reasons. This YouTuber reportedly has been receiving widespread backlash and criticism from the netizens for a video she posted on her YouTube channel. Shockingly, the female YouTuber became the subject of huge backlash for allegedly teaching her followers how to sexually abuse infants. Yes, you read that right, Kuwari Begum has been gaining traction for her inappropriate teaching to her followers. Since this news broke out it has been creating a wave of anger among the people. What happened and who is she, everything has been explained comprehensibly in the following sections of this article. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

Who Is Kuwari Begum?

Kuwari Begum is a YouTuber who usually posts gaming content and live-streams her gaming sessions. Her real name is Shikha Metray and she is from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. In a video on her YouTuber channel, the woman from Ghaziabad was seen teaching her followers how to sexually abuse children. As per the reports, Kuwari Begum was live-streaming on her channel when she replied to one of her followers’ questions related to different ways of masturbation. In a shocking turn of events, the female YouTuber read the question in the live stream and also answered it which eventually led to a widespread controversy and outrage among the netizens. ‘

In the live stream, Shikha Metray read a request from one of her subscribers who allegedly asked about different ways of masturbation. The YouTuber did not hesitate to say first find a newborn and tell her mother that you want to play with the kid and take out the kid and do something. Shockingly, the YouTuber further added that if she were a boy she would have tried it. This statement of Kuwari Begum aka Shikha Metray from Ghaziabad has sparked a nationwide controversy, leaving people astonished at how a public figure can say this to his or her followers on a public platform.

Kuwari Begum’s reply to one of her followers did not take long to become the most-talked-about element on the internet. As a result, Kuwari Begum also felt the heat of people’s criticism. Many also have demanded legal action against her. It is also said that Kuwari Begum has deleted all of her profiles from social media and made her YouTube videos which were full of such inappropriate content. If the reports are believed to be true, Kuwari Begum had been creating sexual, controversial, inappropriate, offensive, and dark content on the internet, which was not appropriate for minors and adults as well.

The lady from Ghaziabad proclaims to be a gaming content creator but she is allegedly running an adult content channel under the guise of a gaming YouTube channel. The controversial video of Kuwari Begum has created a stir within the community. Meanwhile, people have become keen to learn who is Kuwari Begum. As of now, only a few aspects of Kuwari Begum are known to us such as she is a graduate of NIFT Delhi batch 2021-22 and she resides in Ghaziabad.

The Ghaziabad-based YouTuber reportedly has made her YouTube channel private so that nobody can further dig into her channel and shed light on her inappropriate content. Moreover, Shikha Metray also has disabled her Instagram and Facebook accounts. But still, there are some sources through which you can trace her videos. Strict action against Kuwari Begum is still due. However, several complaints have been filed with the UP Police. Stay tuned.

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