23 July 2024
Stray Kids

With the love of the audience and the hard work of the group members, Stray Kids recently crossed 30 million followers on Instagram. The fans of the South Korean boy group Stray Kids are celebrating the success of the group in achieving 30 million followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, on the occasion of completing 30 million followers, the boy band announced a mini album as a gift for the fans. Yes, you read that right, Stray Kids announced a mini-album titled ATE after crossing 30 million followers on Instagram. Shortly after the announcement of Stray Kids’ next album, the fans started taking over the internet to learn about it, showing their curiosity and intrigue about the album “ATE”. When Stray Kids’ ATE will be released? If questions related to Stray Kids’s next album are also prevailing in your mind, this article will let you know about it. Swipe down.

Stray Kids Celebrates Milestone with 30 Million Instagram Followers, Announces ‘ATE’ Mini-Album

JYP Entertainment-backed Korean boy band Stray Kids touched the milestone of completing 30 million followers on Instagram on June 27, 2024, confirmed by the band’s agency. After crossing the mark of 30 million followers on Instagram, Stray Kids has become the third most-followed K-pop group. Besides 30 million followers on Instagram, Stray Kids also has garnered over 25.3 million fans on TikTok, 15.73 million listeners on Spotify, and 16.6 million subscribers on YouTube. The immense fan following and considerable presence on social media of Stray Kids, make the group a global powerhouse. Continue reading this article to learn about the group’s mini-album.

As mentioned, Stray Kids has announced its next album, the group’s official agency JYP Entertainment also made the official announcement of their upcoming album “ATE” as a surprise gift for the fans who made Stray Kids the third most followed Korean group on Instagram. The title of Stray Kids’s mini-album was announced as “ATE” and it will all fans’ on July 19, 2024, which means, the fans will get the return gift from Stray Kids within a month after completing 30 million followers on Instagram.

Besides announcing their mini-album, Stray Kids also has been in the news headlines because major international music festivals will be attended by the group as the global powerhouse in the entertainment field. In the coming days, Stray Kids will attend the British Summer Time Hyde Park in the United Kingdom, and Lollapalooza Chicago in the United States. Before releasing their mini-album on July 19, 2024, Stray Kids will perform live in Milan, Italy on Friday, July 12, 2024, at Ippodromo Snai La Maura. Continue reading this article to learn more about Stray Kids.

Stray Kids is a South Korean boys’ band formed by JYP Entertainment after a reality show of the same title in 2017. This group consists of a total of 8 members including Lee Know, Bang Chan, Han, Hyunjin, Fleix, Changbin, Seungmin, and I.N. In 2019, Woojin left the group without revealing the reason to the media. This group garnered fame for self-producing projects. The three most consistent members of the group are Han, Changbin, and Bang Chan. The other members of the group participate in writing songs for the albums.

In January 2018, Stray Kids dropped its pre-debut extended play Mixtape before officially debuting on March 24, 2018, with extended play I Am Not. After that, two more Eps were released by the group as part of the I Am series, I Am  Who and I Am You. In 2019, they released Cle’s trilogy EP, Cle 1: Miroh, Cle 2: Yellow Wood, and Cle: Levanter. In 2020, Stray Kids became the first platinum-certified album by the Korea Music Content Association after their first studio album titled Go Love. The group also debuted in Japan with the album SKZ2020 presented by Epic Records Japan.

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