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Kolhapur News Paper: Politics in the context of investigationNews WAALI

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District Bank trial audit (KDCC) followed by trial audit of District Bank (KDCC) politics Kolhapur politics is caught in the crosshairs of Kolhapur politics as the ED raided his house less than 12 hours after the bank chairman , Hasan Mushrif, was released. Such a situation occurred in 2001 due to accusations and counter-accusations. Mahadik and Mandalik group demanded to do a narco test on each other. However, no such investigation was initiated at that time.

As soon as Hasan Mushrif was installed in the cabinet as the Minister of State for Dairy Development, he was determined to dissolve the board of directors of ‘Gokul’. An investigation into ‘Gokul’ began. An order was also prepared to dismiss the Board of Directors of ‘Gokul’. However, due to the unbreakable thread of friendship between senior leader Vikram Singh Ghatge and the then Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, the order to dismiss the board of directors of ‘Gokul’ went to the wastebasket without a signature. It was mentioned by Deshmukh during his visit to ‘Gokul’ after resigning from the post of Prime Minister. Mushrif had announced that even if the ‘Gokul’ director fell into the water, he would not be released.

However, Deshmukh and Ghatge’s friendship saved the board of directors of ‘Gokul’ at that time. After that there was a strong political battle in the district bank elections. The bank owned by Mahadevrao Mahadik was hijacked by Sadashivarao Mandalik’s group and undermined Mahadik’s power. They did not stop there, but took further control of the Municipal Corporation, Zilla Parishad, the Market Committee and the Mandalik leadership continued to run on all positions of power in the area. However, this was thwarted by Vijayarath Mahadevaro Mahadik in ‘Gokul’. ‘Gokul’ could not be won, the sorrow haunted the Mandalik group.

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Sadashivrao Mandlik and Hasan Mushrif were divided into guru-disciples of the politics of the same district bank and the district saw a guru-disciple battle between Mandlik and Mushrif. A new chapter of this battle has now begun. BJP district president Samarjitsinh Ghatge has launched a fierce battle against Mushrif. He has started trying to trap Mushrif in a dilemma by raising the question of the members of Mushrif’s sugar factory, General Santaji Ghorpade. The trial audit of the district bank will now be conducted on three issues namely Ghorpade factory, Bisk company linked to close associates of Mushrif and deposits of 39,000 53 farmers. Two or three days after this order, ED raided Mushrif’s house for the second time. This is the third raid related to them. Twice the ED raided Mushrif’s house, once KDCC and its two branches. Now what will result from this will be known in the coming days.

At the same time, the Shiv Sena-BJP government has tried to pose a new challenge to the leaders of the Maha Vikas Aghadi in the area by ordering a trial inspection of ‘Gokul’, which is in the possession of the Maha Vikas Aghadi. These two seats of power are under the control of the Mahavikas Aghadi, and the leaders of the Mahavikas Aghadi have been shocked as the government has attacked them and ordered a trial audit. At the same time, the Bombay High Court granted relief to Mushrif in a fraud case filed against him. The Bombay High Court has ordered the Chief District Sessions Judge in Pune to investigate Somaiya in connection with receiving the FIR from Kirit Somaiya. Therefore, Mushrif has intensified his opposition to Somaiya, who accuses him. As the clash between Shiv Sena-BJP and Maha Vikas Aghadi escalated, Shiv Sena MP Darhysheel Mane’s vehicle was blocked by activists of the Thackeray faction. At the same time, Satej Patil vs Mahadik has started a match at Rajaram’s factory. Overall, political infiltration has started strongly in the area, and now street clashes are inevitable.

  • Chandrasekhar Matade
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