13 July 2024
Kim Jaejoong

South Korean Pop idol Kim Jaejoong opened up about the shocking incident when his obsessive fans invaded his personal space. This shocking revelation by Kim Jaejoong ignited a widespread discussion over the privacy breaches of K-pop idols. Kim Jaejoong who is an ex-member of TVXQ called the fans who breached his privacy by invading his personal space “Sasaeng Fans”. The fans of Kim Jaejoong have not become keen to learn what happened in his dormitory in detail. Many also have taken to the internet to learn about the same. But Kim Jaejoong explained this harrowing experience on a radio show, which we have comprehensibly discussed in this article. Stick with this page and take a peek at the following sections for more details.

Kim Jaejoong Opens Up About Terrifying Privacy Breach by Sasaeng Fans

He revealed the shocking experience when his obsessive fans or sasaeng fans breached his privacy and invaded his personal space. For the unversed, the K-pop idol also addressed the issue of sasaeng fans through his song ‘”Don’t” in the 20th anniversary album which was released on June 26, 2024. In the song, the K-pop idol directly addressed the issue of sasaeng fans which prompted the host of Cultwo Show’s host DJ Kim Tae Gyun to ask Kim Jaejoong about his experience with sasaeng fans. It was the moment when Kim Jaejoong opened up and shared the experience of privacy breach by obsessive fans. Continue reading this article.

On July 1, 2024, Kim Jaejoong was invited on the Cultwo Show of SBS Power FM, to promote his recently released album which also includes the song “Don’t”. During the conversation with DJ Kim Tae Gyun, the host asked the singer if many fans had invaded his dormitory to which he replied there were too many incidents where his obsessive fans whom he referred to as “Sasaengs”, broke into the dormitory. Shockingly, some sasaengs also reached Kim Jaejoong’s home and breached his privacy.

Recalling a particular incident, K-pop idol Kim Jaejoong said one night he dreamt of being kissed by a woman and it felt too real to be a dream but when he woke up and opened his eyes a woman in real was standing over him with her hair covering her face only revealing her eyes. Then the singer realized it was not a dream but a sasaeng fan invaded his home and breached his privacy. He called this incident terrifying and urged his fans to not do such things.

It was not the first time when Kim Jaejoong opened up about the shocking experience of a privacy breach by sasaengs, previously he shared a similar experience in a YouTube broadcast on June 27, 2024, when he said one day someone sent him a picture of himself from an unknown number. The picture sent by an unknown person was of Kim Jaejoong’s back taken inside his house. By the time, Kim Jaejoong noticed the sasengs already had invaded and secretly captured his photo and fled from there. Due to several incidents of privacy breaches by sasaengs, Kim Jaejoong started feeling of being paranoid and looked around like a prisoner.

Kim Jaejoong works as a solo artist. He has released three Korean studio albums, Born Gene, No. X, and WWW. The last two also reached number one on the Gaon Music chart. Kim Jaejoong hails from Gongju, South Chungcheong, South Korea where he was born on January 26, 1986. As of now, he is 38 years old. His music career began in 2001 when he was 15 years old and signed by SM Entertainment. From 2003 to 2010, he served as the lead vocalist of the boy band TVXQ. Stay tuned.

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