13 July 2024
KFC Chicken Quesadilla

KFC Chicken Quesadilla is the latest addition to the American food chain restaurant’s menu and it seems that KFC’s Chicken Quesadilla is inspired by Taco Bell’s tortilla. However, it is also said that KFC was the first company to follow the concept of Chickadilla in Spain and Portugal back in 2019. Now it’s been four years since Chickatried at the restaurants of KFCs in Spain and Portugal. But this time, KFC is bringing a concept quite similar to Chickadilla to its home country, the USA where it has just recently introduced the Chicken Quesadilla, a toasted tortilla filled with fried chicken, cheese, gravy, and a sandwich. As this non-veg edible item is new for Americans, many are eagerly scrambling to the web to learn the reviews of KFC Chicken Quesadilla. If you are also keen to learn its reviews, then continue reading this article and go through it till the end. Swipe down the page.

KFC Chicken Quesadilla Review

The recently happened item to the menu of KFC is the Chicken Quesadilla which was introduced at the headquarters of the food company nearly a year ago but it was added to the menu of the restaurants just a while ago. Earlier this year, a sneak preview of the upcoming menu item was seen from the headquarters of KFC. During the preview of the KFC Chicken Quesadilla from the headquarters, this food item seemed to be a winner and an attractive choice on the menu. The test of Chicken Quesadilla at KFC’s headquarters gave hope that the customers would eagerly crave this edible product after having it but after its launch at the restaurants, this product is receiving myriad reviews from the customers.

The version of the Chicken Quesadilla previewed at the headquarters of KFC was quite different from the version launched at restaurants across the United States, thus this product is receiving wild reviews based on taste, originality, and comparison to the version previewed at the headquarters. Unfortunately, the Chicken Quesadilla launched at the restaurants is not up to the mark and does not meet the expectations of the customers. One customer reviewed that when he tried to spice it up by dipping in sauce, the Sticky Chicky Sweet n’ Sour Sauce and the Classic Ranch sauce vanquished the original taste of the Chicken Quesadilla. Continue reading this article to learn how to buy KFC Chicken Quesadilla.

For the unversed, Chicken Quesadilla is not available at all the restaurants of KFC in the United States as it was launched in particular locations with the purpose of testing. The selected locations of KFC restaurants where Chicken Quesadilla is available are Connecticut, Tennessee, New York, and New Jersey. Kindly note that this newly added edible attractive item to the menu of KFC in the aforementioned locations of the United States has not been available for a long time. It was introduced for an unspecific time, probably it will remain on the menu till the supplies last.

If you are craving KFC’s Chicken Quesadilla, then you can find it in the special offers section and it is also available in the Combos section on the menu. To note, the bone appetite customers of KFC can order Chicken Quesadilla after the restaurant starts serving the closing time. The order for Chicken Quesadilla can be placed through in-store, drive-thru, and online as well. In addition, on the website or app of KFC advance and Quick Pick-Up orders for Chicken Quesadilla can also be placed but you will need to pay an additional fee for it. Stay tuned to this website.

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