15 July 2024

In today’s generation, the fans only interact with the positive life of an artist but they never try to know the negative story of an artist. Several artist pays the cost of fame. However, this is too high in South Korea. We only know the front story of the South Korean K-pop stars but you know what cost they pay for the fame. For the South Korean K-pop idol, a peaceful life does not exist. On the other side, it is seen that the entertainment companies are increasing the burden for their artist for packed schedules. The pressure on K-pop idols is increasing the entertainment companies which makes the artist’s normal life worse. Check out the latest update about K-pop idols.

RIIZE Exhaustion Sparks Outcry

The South Korean entertainment companies are coming forward for another reason. For the same, several fans are starting complaints about the concern for the artist. The physical health as well as mental health of K-pop idols by South Korean entertainment companies. The artists are paying the high cost just for the fame and the companies are utilizing their innocence. Again, this topic is becoming one of the most discussed and several people are sharing their interest to talk on the same. As we all are familiar with RIIZE, is a famous South Korean boy band. Again, this group is catching much attention and the fans are converting about their mental and physical health. The group was first seen wrapping up the filming for one music program. Sadly, on the same day, the group traveled to Japan for the recording of “Music Core”. This has been done to return to South Korea at the scheduled time. The all details of the schedules are fixed by the entertainment companies. When the member of RIIZE arrived, they were looking too tired The fans noticed the issues and raised their voices against the entertainment companies who forced K-pop idols to work without taking a break. Learn more in the next section.

Again, this situation has become an international topic and the viewers are heavily reacting to the issues that are increasing by the K-pop companies. RIIZE is attending the show back to back without taking a break. This is raising the concern about the member’s health. RIIZE is not the only one who is suffering from this situation. There are several South Korean K-pop band who faces everyday pressure from companies. A few ago, RIIZE performed in several shows without taking a break. But this did not stop there, after coming to South Korea, the group of RIIZE moved to university festivals to perform. It seems, for their benefit, the South Korean companies are ruining the life of K-pop idols. To make their band on top, the companies are overloading the work of their artists. However, these types of issues have not yet stopped here.

In the K-pop world, BTS is at the top. The members of BTS also shared their struggle time when they lost their mental and physical health just to make their band on the top. However, it is still happening with the members of BTS. The entertainment companies are making the tough schedule which is necessary for K-pop idols to follow them. The famous American rapper and singer based in South Korea also talked about the bad life of K-pop idols. She also talked about Nununana. There was a time when Nununana’s worldwide popularity and love and this was the only time when she was not happy with her life. Being a South Korean K-pop idol, facing pressure from the entertainment companies is common. It seems that companies are scapegoating the artist to make their strong momentum in the world. In South Korea, every K-pop company tries to show its best by overloading the pressuring on artists.

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