13 July 2024

The famous South Korean multinational girl group tripleS recently made an important announcement for its Japanese fanbase. According to the latest announcement of tripleS, there will be a new sub-unit of tripleS, especially for the Japanese market. Yes, you read that right, tripleS will form a new sub-unit for the Japanese market. It will be an 8-member team that will eventually promote the original group in the Japanese market. There is also a cliche in this development that there is a limited period for the new sub-unit of tripleS for the Japanese market which means the sub-unit will be inactive after some time. In this article, we have shared all the imperative details that you need to know about tripleS’s new sub-unit. Keep reading this article.

tripleS Announces Formation of New Japanese Sub-Unit ‘Dimensions’

The news of tripleS’s new 8-member sub-unit for the Japanese market surfaced amid all the work and content tripleS released so far including their tripleS Glow’s debut in June, their OT24 fan concert Girls Never Stop on July 6 & 7 and debut with Girls Never Die in May, and Vision@ry Vision’s debut next month. The K-pop girl group referred the sub-unit to as Dimensions in the announcement.

According to the official announcement, tripleS will form a new dimension or sub-unit that will be composed of 8 members. As mentioned, this sub-unit will remain active for only a fixed period, it will be inactive after 2025. The decision to form a new sub-unit came in the wake of promoting the group to the extensive regions of the Japanese market. Generally, tripleS sub-units remain active for two or three months before regrouping but the 8-member sub-unit will promote the entire group in the Japanese market until 2025.

Interestingly, a new Japan sub-unit of tripleS will be formed through voting in the middle of the next year. The latest post of tripleS also revealed the voting schedule of the sub-unit when the fans will vote for their favorite member. According to the reports, all 24 members of tripleS including Vision@ary Vision members will be able to participate in the process of forming a sub-unit. According to the reports, like all competitive sub-units of tripleS, some members of the 8-member sub-unit will be pre-selected. Two pre-selected members of the 8-member sub-unit for Japan will be announced next week on July 18, 2024, at 9:30 PM KST.

The next two members of the new 8-member Japan sub-unit will be selected through voting on a Japanese OTT webpage. The voting has been scheduled to take place from July 20, 2024, to August 20, 2024, and the result of the voting will be declared on August 25, 2024. It is being speculated that the voting will last for a month so that VV’s debut date will not clash with the sub-unit’s future schedules. The next two members (5th and 6th) members of tripleS’s Japan sub-unit will be chosen through voting on the Cosmo app where it will take place for a day starting at 11 AM KST on August 26 and ending at 8 AM KST on August 27, 2024. Swipe down the page and read the process of selecting the final two members of the 8-member sub-unit of tripleS for the Japanese market.

The last two members or 7th and 8th members of the new 8-member Japan sub-unit of tripleS will be chosen through voting on the Cosmo app. The voting will start at 11 KST on August 27, 2024, and end at 8 KST on August 28, 2024. The fans can vote for their favorite artists on the Cosmo app and use in-app currency to vote. The in-app currency can be gained by purchasing digital photo cards or objects on the app.

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