13 July 2024
Jung Joon Young

In an unexpected turn of events, former singer and songwriter from South Korea, Jung Joon Young was recently spotted in France’s Lyon. Nevertheless, a video of  Jung Joon Young who was a key figure in the Burning Sun scandal, has grabbed the attention of the K-netizens. The netizens were baffled after watching Jung Joon Young in the viral video as the former singer approached a woman in the bar. People who have been active on social media must have interacted with the recently surfaced video of Jung Joon Young who recently completed his jail sentence. If you have not yet watched the video of Jung Joon Young, then you can rely on this column to learn everything in detail. In the following sections, we have comprehensibly discussed the appearance of s3x offender Jung Joon Young in Lyon, France. So keep reading this article and go through it to the end. Scroll down.

Jung Joon Young Spotted in Lyon

The picture of Jung Joon Young from a bar in Lyon, France, surfaced on the internet on July 8, 2024, when an unidentified person shared the photo revealing s3x offender Jung Joon Young’s current appearance. To note, after the recent picture of Jung Joon Young released on the internet, his video of approaching a woman in a bar in Lyon was shared on social media. Speaking of the viral photo, the former singer and songwriter, Jung Joon Young, can be seen with long locks and facial hair. He is smiling in the picture.

The person who shared this picture to reveal Jung Joon Young’s whereabouts, also revealed that he was at a bar flirting with women by asking for their Instagram IDs and sharing his plan to open a Korean restaurant in Lyon, France. The person further claimed that Jung Joon Young introduced himself as a famous Korean singer named June. This picture of Jung Joon Young turned everyone’s heads and captivated K-netizens to be involved in a discussion. After that, a video of Jung Joon Young also surfaced on the internet, which showed the former singer getting close and intimate with a woman in the club.

The online user who shared the latest picture of Jung Joon Young from a club in Lyon, France, claimed to have met the s3x offender at the club where the drinks order came out wrong and Jung Joon Young approached her to offer to take the drinks and began conversation. Reportedly, the picture of Jung Joon Young was posted on Twitter where it has been retweeted over 1800 times and liked by over 2200 users. However, it can not be certainly said if the online user who shared Jung Joon Young’s latest picture, is telling the truth. The last time Korean singer Jung Joon Young discussed his plan to open a Korean restaurant in Paris was in 2018 but he could not proceed with it due to his involvement in the Burning Sun scandal.

Upon seeing Jung Joon Young approaching women in the bar, K-netizens reacted to the video shock and criticized him for being an s3x offender. A person wrote how dare he walk around with his face showing proudly. For the unversed, Jung Joon Young served five years in jail for multiple s3x crimes after he was found guilty of intoxicating women and sexually assaulting them in January and Match 2016. He was sentenced to five-year jail in September 2020. In addition, Jung Joon Young is also accused of distributing illegally recorded s3x videos of women. Rumors also swirling that Jung Joon Young may emigrate to another country very soon. Stay tuned.

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