16 July 2024
Jo Kwon

After working so many years in the South Korean entertainment industry, singer and television host Jo Kwon established himself as a prolific personality. He has an immense fan following as well.

Recently, singer Jo Kwon hit the trends and became the topic of the town by revealing his first payment of his career. Yes, you read that right, Jo Kwon has revealed his first payment and shared an episode related to it as well.

In the ever-evolving realm of the South Korean entertainment industry where fans always remain curious about their favorite actors, singers, and television personalities’ income or salary, Jo Kwon has added a layer of intrigue and curiosity among his fans who are currently speculating and conjecturing about his first salary. In case, you are also scrambling to the internet regarding Jo Kwon’s first salary, this article will let you know more about it. Drag down the page.

Jo Kwon’s Candid Interview on Studio Everyday

Singer Jo Kwon opened up about his first payment in a video uploaded on the Studio Everyday YouTube channel. The title of the video is “Debut 17 Years! How Much Does an Apartment Cost for a Celebrity Who Earns Like a CEO? | Samseong-dong Hillstate Edition” which was uploaded on YouTube on Thursday, July 4, 2024.

In the video, Jo Kwon said when he looks at his junior he always thinks this is just the beginning and it also feels new and happy to him. The singer also reflected that he did not think he could do it if he had to go back. Take a peek below.

Kwon described his struggling days or trainee days as the most difficult phase of his career because he had nothing and could not do anything. As a trainee, he did not have money to eat good food and do what he wanted. This experience of Jo Kwon’s starting days left many of his fans emotional.

The host Seo Eunkwang also reflected on the time when he was working with BtoB and the production team asked him if it took a long time to receive payment, he said that they received 500,000 KRW as an advance and it was like that for three to four years. Continue reading this article.

Reacting to Seo Eunkwang’s statement, Jo Kwon said he did not get that, with a resentful face. Further, host Seo Eun Kwang asked Jo Kwon you must have felt proud when you received your first salary or payment to which singer Jo Kwon replied he felt sad because his first salary after deducting all the trainee expenses was just only 210,000 KRW.

Yes, you read that right, Jo Kwon’s first salary was 210,000 which equals 152 UDS. Sharing his experience of receiving his first salary, Jo Kwon added that it was the first payment he received from JYP Entertainment in 3 years and it was so bad. Thus, he cried a lot after hugging his mother. With his first salary from JYP Entertainment, Jo Kwon went to the telecommunications company to pay the phone bill. Continue reading this article and learn more.

While reflecting on the period when he paid the phone bill with his first salary, Jo Kwon gave a bitter smile. Singer Jo Kwon was not happy with that and it still hurts him. This interview video of Jo Kwon with Seo Eunkwang has attained the attention of many people on the internet, becoming a major talking point. K-netizens in large numbers are taking an interest in knowing the first salary of Jo Kwon. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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