23 July 2024

After completing the mandatory military service, BTS member Jin has got a new hairstyle as he trimmed his hair very short.

However, his fans have loved his new short hairstyle. Recently, Jin posted a couple of pictures showing the K-pop idol visiting his alma mater as he sports his school uniform in the photo. This post was shared by the BTS member on Monday, July 8, 2024, on his social media handles, prompting a quick reaction from his immense fan following.

Upon seeing their favorite K-pop idol in a new hairstyle and school uniform, his fans could not control their curiosity to see more photos of Jin in short hair and school uniform. If you also want to know more about Jin and the reaction of his fans to his new look, then keep reading this article for more details. Swipe down the page.

BTS’s Jin Debuts Sharp New Hairstyle Post-Military Service, Fans Applaud Fresh Look

On Monday, July 8, 2024, Jin clicked a couple of mirror pictures while wearing his school uniform. Despite being in his 30s, the BTS member made his fans believe he was still a teenager as he donned his school uniform and trimmed his hair too short.

However, Jin’s short hairstyle was a big surprise for the fans who could believe that he had cut his hair too short but it did not mean they did not like his new hairstyle.

After revealing his new hairstyle, Jin’s fans flooded his Instagram account with comments praising his look. Some also claimed that Jin has become more sexier than before. Jin’s post-military look garnered praise for him.

Speaking of his July 8 Instagram post, BTS member Jin wore a school shirt with a name tag reading “Kim Seok Jin” and sported a hairstyle like a schoolboy. He clicked the mirror image with a sophisticated smile, flaunting his charmful school personality.

He amazed his fans with his youthful looks despite being in his 30s. According to the reports, Jin revisited his Bosung High School located in Songpa-gu, Seoul, where he filmed content giving alma mater vibes. A day after clicking his reflection in the mirror while donning his school uniform, Jin collaborated with a Fench luxury jewelry brand and clicked pictures in multiple outfits to promote the brand’s jewelry.

However, the attention of the fans was grabbed by Jin’s new look. His post-military enlistment hairstyle has become a major talking point. Kindly shift to the next section for more details.

A day after visiting his alma mater, Bosung High School, Jin shared pictures in a paid partnership with a French Jewelry brand. Jin was supposed to draw attention to the brand’s jewelry but his post-military enlistment look stole the spotlight away and drew attention to his short hair. His fans are reacting to his new look and urged him to keep this look.

Even though, many have remarked that Jin has become more sexier than before. Suddenly, Jin dropped his age number by just cutting his hair short, even though he is the eldest member of BTS and is in his 30s. A fan said he became more handsome after his military service. Keep reading this article for more details.

In June 2024, the eldest member of the BTS group, Jin completed the mandatory military services and was discharged from the ARMY.

Meanwhile, Jin came out with a new look, showing his impeccable fashion sense and choices. After his discharge from the army, Jin was announced as a torchbearer for the Paris Summer Olympics 2024. He will participate as a torchbearer on July 27, 2024. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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