16 July 2024
Jeon So Mi

The South Korean girl group survival reality competition show I-Land 2 has reached its finale and the buzz for the finale episode has taken over the internet.

For the unversed, the finale episode of the variety show “I-Land 2: Final Countdown” has been scheduled to air on July 4, 2024. The latest update from the South Korean entertainment industry is that Jeon So Mi will be featured on I-Land 2: Final Countdown as a special storyteller.

Yes, you read that right, the final episode of I-Land 2 will feature Jeon So Mi as a storyteller alongside Sung Hanbib who has been serving as a regular storyteller on the reality show. If you are also scrambling to the web regarding Jeon So Mi’s participation in the finale episode of I-Land 2, then the following sections are waiting for you.

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I-Land 2: Final Countdown

Ment’s girl group survival reality show I-Land Season 2’s finale episode is scheduled to be aired on Thursday, July 4, 2024, KST. Ahead of the finale episode, it was revealed that Jeon So Mi will be featured in the final episode as a special storyteller, on July 3, 2024, KST. Meanwhile, I-Land 2: Final Countdown also announced that Jeon So Mi will join Zerobaseone member Sung Hanbin as a storyteller.

In the final episode which will be aired on July 4, 2024, ten surviving contestants of I-Land will have to go through their last and ultimate test followed by the debut members’ announcement. Jeon So Mi who will join the finale episode as a special storyteller will help conclude the surviving I-Landers’ journey.


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For the unversed, Jeon So Mi will not appear in I-Land 2 for the first time as she previously appeared on the reality show as a mentor during part one of I-Land 2 when she offered her heartfelt advice and encouragement to the surviving participants.

As Jeon So Mi has experienced going through highs and lows during her stint on shows like SIXTEEN and Produce 101, it is expected that she will deliver sincere congratulations and encouraging advice to the I-Landers. If you are still wondering about the date and timing of the I-Land 2 finale episode, then take a peek below.

Jeon So Mi Joins I-Land 2

According to the reports, the final episode of I-Land 2 is scheduled for July 4, 2024, and it will start at 9:30 PM KST. However, the timing of the finale episode is different regions as it will air at 6 PM according to IST, 5:30 AM according to PT, and 8:30 AM according to ET.

As we are talking about the finale episode of the popular K-reality show, it is also imperative to talk about the finalists who will take on the final challenge in the last episode of I-Land Season 2.

For the finale, a total of 10 contestants have been selected and the list of finalists features some fan-favorite contestants including three contestants who made it to the finale through I-Mates votes while the rest of the finalists were chosen by the Mnet producers. Continue reading this article for more details.

Jeon So Mi Confirmed for I-Land 2 Finale Episode

The top ten participants of I-Land 2, who made it to the grand finale are Bang Jeemin, Jungeun, Yoon Jiyoon, Hayashi Fuko, Koko, Kim Gyuri, Ryu Sarang, Jeong Saebi, Tomioka Mai, and Nam Yuju.

The three contestants who were selected for the finale through I-Mates votes are Bang Jeemin (3,234,171 points), Jungeun (2,647,246 points), and Yoon Jiyoon (2,635,024 points), while the other seven finalists Hayashi Fuko, Koko, Kim Gyuri, Ryu Sarang, Jeong Saebi, Tomioka Mai, and Nam Yuju were the picks of the Mnet producers for the finale. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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