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Jailed, yet gangster Lawrence Bishnoi interview on TV: Salman Khan under threat – he also spoke on Musewala, Punjab Police said – this cannot happenNews WAALI

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Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi is lodged in Bathinda Jail in Punjab. Despite this, one of his interviews has appeared on television. ABP News has telecast this interview on 13 March 2023. In this, Bishnoi Sidhu talks about Musewala’s murder. The actor threatens Salman Khan. But the Punjab administration denies the channel’s claim that the interview was shot inside the jail.

However, it is unclear when this interview was shot. OpIndia does not confirm the claim that the interview was recent and was shot inside the Bathinda jail. This interview of about 57 minutes has been done by Jagwinder Patial. At the start of the interview, ABP has said that he is showing this interview from inside the prison.

The very first question that has been asked of Lawrence Bishnoi is how he can connect with ABP even after being in jail. In response, Bishnoi says there are loose points in jail. With which he rules. He also appears to recognize his access to the mobile phone.

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In the interview, Lawrence Bishnoi described himself as a patriot and Musewala as a Khalistani. Musewala’s father has been accused of playing politics and personal enmity over his son’s death.

I did not kill Sidhu Musewala

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In the interview, Lawrence Bishnoi accused the Punjab Police of framing himself, saying that he did not kill Sidhu Musewala, nor was he part of the conspiracy. According to the gangster the plan was hatched by his associates Goldie Brar and Sachin. The reason for the murder was Musewala’s role in the murder of his assistant Gurlal. According to Lawrence, the money for Musewala’s murder was raised by smuggling liquor into Bihar. However, Bishnoi also said that Sidhu Musewala was not a saint and never spoke against drugs, Khalistan or Pakistan.

The media glorifies Musewala

A person named Imran Khurja also played a role in Musewala’s murder. Imran was later killed by the police in an encounter. Lawrence Bishnoi accused Musewala’s father of playing politics over his son’s death. He claimed that Musewala’s father could also contest the elections after a few days. Lawrence also accused the media of glorifying Musewala.

It will break Salman’s pride

Laureus Bishnoi, while expressing his childhood anger towards Salman Khan, said that it would be better if Salman, who killed the black buck, apologized to his society. Annoyed by Salman Khan who is not apologizing till now, the gangster said that he will break Salman Khan’s pride sometime. In the end, Lawrence said that if he gets a chance to recover, he can do anything for the country. Along with this, he also expressed his desire to build a cowshed.

Denial of the Punjab Administration

Punjab administrative officials deny the allegation of an interview from inside the prison. According to Sandeep Goyal, Assistant Inspector General, Anti-Gangsters Task Force (AGTF), Lawrence Bishnoi’s interview is not from inside the prison. He said the cell in the Bathinda jail where Bishnoi is kept is in a dead phone zone with high security. There the network does not work. On the other hand, according to another spokesman for the Punjab Police, the talk of giving an interview from prison is a rumour, because Lawrence is under 24-hour security surveillance.

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