16 July 2024

The member of the K-pop girl group ITZY, Ryujin has landed in hot water after her stage performance.

The ITZY member is embroiled in a controversy over her stage outfit, prompting shocking reactions from the fans. As of yet, thousands of people have shared their myriad reactions to Ryujin’s stage outfit which has become a subject of debate and widespread discussion. People who are still unversed must be wondering what happened with Ryujin.

If you are also one of those and do not know about the controversy surrounding Ryujin’s stage outfit, then you need to go through the article to the end. In addition, you will also read if Ryujin has reacted to the online criticism and backlash. Scroll down the page and learn more.

Was It Ryujin’s Oops Moment?

K-netizens in large numbers are taking part in this controversy and debate over it. While some are taking sides with Ryujin to defend her amid the online backlash and support her fashion choice, on the other hand, many people are not happy with Ryujin’s fashion choice and criticize her for what she wore during her stage performance.

If you have been active on social media then you must have interacted with some photos of ITZY member Ryujin, that are going viral on social media and creating a stir.


The viral photos of Ryujin are from a stage performance where she performed in a leather jacket with a sleeveless t-shirt paired with too-short shorts over fishnet stockings. This stage outfit of Ryujin prompted several reactions from the fans.

A fan reacted like what’s going on with their stylist’s sense of fashion, it looked really strange. Seriously what is this? Another fan commented on social media that he could not believe that Ryujin was wearing fishnet stockings over her underwear with the top tucked in. Thus, he looked closely for a minute to confirm if he was seeing right.


Is that underwear? It has become a lingering question for the fans of Ryujin who have shared their myriad reaction after finding her stage outfit strange and not appropriate. Several pictures of Ryujin are going viral everywhere.

Reacting to Ryujin’s style of wearing underwear over her fishnet stockings and tucking her top in her underwear which revealed her innerwear to an extent, a person seemingly not happy with Ryujin’s outfit wrote on social media that he thought it was just an exaggeration but he was shocked to see they were wearing underwear which was not cool or sexy at all but awkward.

A K-netizen stated that it was not an Oops moment for Ryujin at all because he wore and revealed her underwear intentionally during her stage performance. The photos of Ryujin’s stage performance have been flooded with criticism comments including the girls’ idol trying so hard to undress but that’s not cool which made her look like a failed idol.


As mentioned, some people also jumped into the hot water to defend ITZY member Ryujin amid widespread backlash and criticism over her stage out, one person said it was just a stage outfit that she wore because it was looking pretty.

Despite so much debate on the internet over stage out and criticism from the K-netizens, Ryujin has not reacted to this matter and maintained her silence, adding a layer of intrigue among the fans if it was a mistake or worn intentionally. It does not seem that Ryujin will react to this matter. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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