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It is only beneficial if farmers’ income increases from agriculture It is only beneficial if farmers’ income increases from agricultureNews WAALI

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Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar4 hours ago

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Mahakavi Ghagh classified occupations as ‘Uttam Agriculture, Mediocre Trade, Inferior Chakri, Bhik Nidan’ ie Agriculture, Trade, Employment and Cadota from top to bottom. Consider the situation today. According to the NSSO Situation Analysis Survey report, farmers’ total income from agriculture has steadily declined over the past eight years, while wages have increased. According to a 2014 survey report, an average farmer earns 48% of total income from agriculture, while 32% comes from labour, but the 2021 report says his income has dropped to 37% from agriculture and 40% from labour. The third resource is animal husbandry, income from which increased by 12% to 15% during this period. This means that agriculture in general becomes more and more profitable and farmers have to sell their labour. The report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture in the year 2020-21 expressed concern that the reserve amount on agriculture in the budget was significantly less than in the previous ten years. Shockingly, in February this year, the central government initiated financial assistance of Rs 6,000 to 11 crore farmers every year in the name of Kisan Samman Nidhi. Experts are concerned that this amount in the budget would have improved agriculture and farmers’ productivity in the long term, but today 55 percent of the budget is paid in cash. So the farmer has become a beggar in the end by misjudging the poet mentioned above.

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