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It is estimated that 15 lakh devotees visited Maa Janaki in 24 hours. It is estimated that 15 lakh devotees visited Maa Janaki in 24 hoursNews WAALI

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Ashoknagar10 minutes ago

The Maa Janaki Dham Karila faith fair has ended on Chhath day. In this fair, from the morning of Rang Panchami to the morning of Chhath, in 24 hours, it is estimated that 15 lakh devotees visited Maa Janaki. Hundreds of dancers danced from morning till night on Rang Panchami after people’s wishes were fulfilled. Collector R Uma Maheshwari and Superintendent of Police Raghuvansh Singh Bhadauria and Karila Trust President Mahendra Singh Yadav were present at the fair from start to finish.

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A three-day fair is organized on the occasion of Rang Panchami at Karila Dham in Mungawali district, 35 km from the district headquarters. Hundreds of shops are decorated in this fair. The Rai dance is most recognized here. The sound of ghungroos and dholaks of the dancers echoed for 24 hours along the hill. The fair ended after the last turn when the dancer fell on the Maa Janaki Dham temple after bathing. Apart from the district, devotees from many states including Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan come to this fair.

The administration had made complete arrangements

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At an administrative level, this fair is organized on a large scale. His name is a whole MP. The collector, SP, IG, Commissioner, public representatives, entire administrative officers and volunteers also participated in the preparations for this fair. In order to maintain order here, more than a thousand police personnel, 150 CCTV cameras, 200 tankers and some tube wells made arrangements for water. Temporary toilets were built. For the successful organization of this fair, complete preparations were made by the administration a month in advance.

Millions trading

The embroidery sold at the Karela fair is considered to be of the greatest importance. Besides this, other goods were also sold at this fair. Hundreds of shops were set up in the fair that business worth lakhs of rupees was done from these shops. There were shops, swings, circus shops in a radius of about 1 kilometer.

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