16 July 2024
Pink Dolphin

A video of a dolphin recently took over the internet completely and captivated the attention of the widespread audience active on different social networking sites because the video shows Pink Dolphin and claims it a rare aquatic mammal to intrigue the audience. The viral video claims that the rare aquatic mammal, Pink Dolphin, was spotted on the shores of North Carolina. Since this video surfaced and became a viral phenomenon on social media, people have been involved in the debate over the credibility of the video as some simply believe the video is real while others claim it to be fake. Thus, it has become a major talking point among the netizens whether the Pink Dolphin viral video is real or fake. To cater to the queries of a large number of people regarding the Pink Dolphin video, we have done a deep study and research on this matter. Keep reading this article until it is completed. Drag down.

For the unversed, the Pink Dolphin is an extremely rare aquatic mammal and it is also known as the Amazon river dolphin and boto.  The Amazon River Dolphin or Pink Dolphin is originally native to South America and lives in only freshwater of the Orinoco and Amazon river basins of Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Guyana, and Venezuela. Interestingly, the viral video of Pink Dolphin claims that this extremely rare aquatic mammal was spotted in North Carolina which is thousands of kilometers far from South American countries. Continue reading this article for more fact-checking information on Pink Dolphin’s viral video.

Upon investigating the viral phenomenon, we learned that the viral video of Pink Dolphin was originally posted on X formerly known as Twitter from where the video also circulated on the platforms like Reddit, TikTok, and others. On Twitter, the video of Pink Dolphin spread rumors that this rare aquatic mammal was spotted on the coast of North Carolina. The photo of the Pink Dolphin shows the rare aquatic mammal making its iconic jump but the strange thing in the viral photos of Pink Dolphin is that the dolphin looks the same in each photo. It is in the same pose in each photo, it is not possible to capture a dolphin in the same pose every time. This fact of Pink Dolphin spotting in North Carolina also gets contradicted.

However, some innocent internet users believed that Pink Dolphin which is only possible to be spotted in the South American countries’s Amazon and Orinoco river basins’ freshwater, was spotted in North Carolina. Likewise, a user posting images on social media stated something you don’t see every day. A rare Pink dolphin. was discovered stranded on a North Carolina beach having been washed out of its natural habitat. The dolphin has been returned to the ocean. The social media users could not restrict them from believing that the Pink dolphin was seen in North Carolina. But we have different opinions on this matter. Take a look below to know it.

The viral photos of Pink Dolphin are fabricated or generated through AI. As we have contradicted two major points of Pink Dolphin in North Carolina, there is a possibility that the viral image of Pink Dolphin was generated through AI. In addition, “Cola” can also be seen written on the forehead of the Pink Dolphin if you zoom in on the picture. It seems that it is a plastic dolphin of pink color. No official report has come out regarding the sighting of Pink Dolphin in North Carolina.

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