16 July 2024
EA App

On Monday, June 17, 2024, i.e. yesterday, gamers suffered outage issues while launching the games on the EA App. For the unversed, the outage tracking website Down Detector reported a sudden spike in the number of error reports for EA App, indicating an outage, on Monday. Due to the technical issues with the EA App, gamers were not able to launch games on the app. The frustrated users of the EA App also took to social media platforms especially X formerly Twitter, to raise concerns with the company and seek help from the community. In case, you also faced or still facing errors while launching games on the EA App, this article will help you troubleshoot the errors. So stick with this page and go through the article till the end. Scroll down.

Is EA App Down?

The reports of game launching errors on the EA App were shared from different parts of the world, indicating a widespread outage of the EA App. Meanwhile, the number of reports mounted to thousands as users from different corners of the world were raising concerns about game launching errors. The users could not launch games like Battlefield and Star Wars on the EA App. This outage issue became a major talking point on the internet as users were anticipating the issues and trying to troubleshoot the error. However, many also sought help on social media platforms.

The online outage tracking website Down Detector also affirmed the outage issue with the EA App after thousands of users shared their issues on Twitter in a bid to get a response from the company. Even though the gamers had tagged EA in their posts the company did not respond to the outage reports, leaving its users in a frenzy and perplexion. Reportedly, the outage issue on the EA App has been faced the users since Monday morning but by evening the number of reports and complaints for not successfully launching the games had peaked, added Down Detector. The outage tracking portal states that the complaints soared to 3000 at 11 PM UTC or 4:30 PM GMT-6.

After relentless efforts and seeking a response from the company, the users finally got a response when EA Help posted on social media that we would get you back in your game as soon as possible. Down Detector also briefed that 70 percent of the total complaints raised with the EA App were of Server Connection while 26 percent were of Login. A few users also made complaints of gameplay issues. However, the company has resolved the outage issue and the users are now able to launch games on the EA App but if you are still facing the errors, then you can follow some simple steps to troubleshoot the problem, explained in the following section. Scroll down.

The first step you can follow is to restart your device. Kindly reboot your console or computer system which fixes the temporary issue affecting the game launch process of the EA App. The next step is to check your EA App is of up to date version. Must ensure that you have the updated version of the app. The third step is to check if you are using a proxy connection or VPN which also poses connectivity errors to the app. Your operating system must be updated for a seamless gaming experience. If you are still facing the problem, then you can clear the cache memory of the EA App to remove corrupt data, otherwise, you can reinstall the app for a better experience. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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