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Instant Crispy Rice Bhaji – Tarun BharatNews WAALI

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1 bowl of rice
Chopped green chillies
Finely chopped coriander
1 teaspoon of cumin seeds
Salt to taste
2 small boiled potatoes
Oil for frying

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First, soak a bowl of rice in water for 3 hours, after this, divide the rice in a blender. Meanwhile, divide the boiled potatoes into a blender and mix it with rice flour. If the dough is thick, add a little water like a bhaji batter and make a dough, and knead it with your hands in one direction, after that add salt to taste, chopped coriander, chilies , and cumin seeds. After this, heat the oil and drop the bhaji in it. And fry on a low flame. Serve hot rice crispy bhaji with coconut chutney.