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India’s winning equation for ind vs aus 4th test, India took the lead but how will they win ind vs aus 4th test, know how the fifth day equation will beNews WAALI

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Ahmedabad: India are ahead in the fourth Test. Now they have a lead of 88 runs. But even though they took the lead, they will have to sweat a lot to win. If India wants to win, an equation now emerges.

On the fifth day, this Test match is in a lively state. But India are ahead and they have a good side. But it is also true that this lead is not very big. Both teams have scored strong runs in the first innings. Both teams’ first innings average is above 500 runs. So now the fate of the game will depend on how the pitch will be on the fifth day. On all four days the pitch was good for the batsman. But the fifth day of the match is known for spin bowling in India at least. In Gujarat, the heat is high, which can cause the pitch to crack and create a favorable environment for spin. India have three spinners and this will be a good side for them. These spinners will be very important for victory.

On the fifth day of the match, Australia still need to score 88 runs first and then they can dream of a lead. But it will be important how many wickets the Australian team loses in making these 88 runs. The Australian team will bat moderately to begin with. But then the Indian bowlers will have to break through their defence. In these 88 runs, if India dismiss 4-5 of their batsmen, the game can take a different colour. For that, not only bowling is important but also aggressive fielding. So, if India wants to win, spin bowling will surely be its way. So, how much the Indian bowlers give Australia a blow in the first session will be important. So get a quick wicket and celebrate the win, that will be the only equation for India.


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