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Incompetent technician.. – AndhrajyotiNews WAALI

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  • Which hospitals do not have rules!
  • Shocking truths in the investigation of medical officers
  • Siege of two hospitals and five labs in Miryalaguda

Miryalaguda Urban, 23 September: Lab technicians without proper qualification.. Hospitals not following rules.. ICU board for same room as general ward.. This is the situation in private hospitals in Miryalaguda, Nalgonda district! District Medical Officer (DMHO) Kondal Rao’s inspection has revealed many such shocking truths.

DMHO and medical officials on Friday conducted an inspection at 18 hospitals located in Doctors Colony in Miryalaguda. On this occasion field level management errors in private hospitals were exposed. Authorities seized two non-compliant hospitals and a lab run by unqualified technicians. The DMHO has expressed its displeasure over conducting medical tests with unqualified lab technicians. He warned that technicians should produce qualification certificates, otherwise strict action would be taken. Lab technicians of Bhadra hospital were working without education and the lab was impounded due to non construction of ramp to floor, pollution permit and lack of fire safety.

Similarly, labs at Vasantha and Anu Multispeciality Hospitals were seized and notices issued. They faulted the way the ICU was set up in a room similar to the general ward of Padmavati Hospital. The DMHO alerted the technicians without proper training and seized the X-ray lab at the famous Dr. Srinivasulu Hospital. Notices have been issued to 6 more hospitals. Srichanakya Hospital, run by an out-of-service doctor on OP letter pad, and Sairutika Hospital, run by unqualified doctors with the permission of the Government Medical Officer, have been confiscated.

Patient’s complaint regarding service bill in hospital

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The recent electrocution victim was treated at Padmavati Hospital and for eight days Rs. 1.30 lakh was billed. The victim brought the matter to the attention of the DMHO. The DMHO questioned the doctors of the hospital. He wants to send a report with comprehensive details about the bill.

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