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In Pune, the usual traffic jams are suffocating!News WAALI

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Pune: The problem of traffic congestion in Pune has been ongoing for years. As the public transport system is not efficient, the citizens tend to use private vehicles. With the increase in the number of vehicles on the roads, they are also becoming insufficient day by day. In the last few years, the narrow roads became narrow due to works like Metro. The condition that existed on the road during the construction of Kothrud Metro is now seen on Sinhagad road, in the suburbs.

He claims that all government departments are doing their job well in terms of what is the root of the problem behind the crisis. These sections claim that the dilemma of the residents of Pune is becoming bearable because of us. In fact, no one seems to be talking about a problem-free Pune city. The system is hopeful that if new projects are established, it will remove the dilemma. In fact, the existing PMPML bus service and the now launched metro service have not succeeded in creating a viable alternative to the public transport system. Any elderly, foreign visitors, ministers will come to the city, the road of the appropriate place will be temporarily closed completely as an alternative, motorists must use other roads and emphasize it.

The ‘TomTom Traffic Index Ranking 2022’ has been published. It includes 389 countries from 56 countries around the world. The traffic jams in these countries have been examined and listed. Among the world’s leading cities with the highest traffic congestion, Pune has secured the sixth position. Bangalore in India ranks second on this list. The country’s capital, Delhi, is in 34th place, while Maharashtra’s capital, Mumbai, is in 47th place.

Causes of traffic congestion

  • The public transport system is not efficient
  • The number of vehicles is increasing day by day
  • The city roads are narrow and uneven
  • Citizens have to walk on the road as there is no footpath

Time taken by drivers for ten kilometres

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2021 : 26 minutes 10 seconds
2022 : 27 minutes 20 seconds

Biggest conundrum : 6 PM to 7 PM
Speed ​​per hour: 17 kilometers
Annual carbon emissions – 1 thousand 1 kg from each driver
Average driving time per year : 249 hours
Time spent in traffic jams each year: 121 hours

(Source: TomTom Traffic Index)

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