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In Panchmahal, these youths teach women and elders about modern technology and applications.psp – News18 Gujarati News WAALI

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In Panchmahal, these youths teach women and elders about modern technology and applications.psp – News18 Gujarati

Prashant Samtani, Panchmahal: Today’s new generation is becoming aware of new technology right from childhood. With the curiosity and understanding of the new generation, the young generation learns the new technology that comes every day, but when we talk about our grandmother or mother and see their sons, daughters and grandchildren using mobile, many times our grandmother or mother also see different things that come in mobile. There is a desire to learn. Whether it’s online shopping or social media, in today’s age, having a mobile phone seems to be a given for everyone, because nowadays everything is done through the use of a mobile phone. Mobile even for paying bills, mobile for playing games, mobile for shopping, and mobile for watching YouTube or movies. Mobile has become a very important part of every stage of life.

For the first time in Godhra a workshop will be organized by “Technical Heritage”, a group of young people studying in different fields with a unique concept, in which older women who do not know how to use mobile phone features properly, or use different applications. It has been decided to develop a platform so that women who are facing problems can get information about mobile phone and all technical matters related to its use in simple language by the youth of the group.

The idea of ​​this innovative concept came to a young man named Abhishek Pathak, who, talking to his mother about it, retired government official Kashmira Pathak and his son Abhishek Pathak thought of starting an organization called Technical Heritage. Abhishek prepared 7 sisters from his circle of friends who study in different fields. Formed a group and started the strategy of organizing seminars, workshops at different places to provide technical information in simple language to the women of Godhra city.

Abhishek has decided to organize such workshops by turning his own house into an auditorium. Importantly, more than 30 women, mainly in the age group of 35 to 65 years, have so far registered to participate in this workshop. A telephone number has also been announced by the Technical Heritage Team, if at least 20 women from any area are willing to organize such a workshop, then the Technical Heritage Team will go to their area and organize the workshop. The seminar mainly covers how to transfer money from UPI – Different – Introduction to UPI apps like PayTm, Google pay etc. – How to pay bills online – How to shop online – How to write in Gujarati and Hindi easily – Social media apps Topics like introduction of YouTube, facebook Instagram, Whatsapp etc. – advanced features of mobile and knowledge of some of the same advanced apps will be discussed.

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Contact Number: Abhishek Pathak – 9825036800, Kashmira Pathak – 7069314800

Venue – A/56 Shukla Society, Rajnikant Pathak Road, Near Gayatri Mandir, Godhra-389001.

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