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Idol of Karvir resident Ambabai Devi in ​​good condition; No need for immediate conservation, observes the Central Archaeological TeamNews WAALI

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Kolhapur, News Service Leader : The idol of Ambabai Devi, a resident of Karveer, was examined by officials of the Central Archeology Department on Tuesday morning. A team of four officers searched Devi’s house for more than half an hour. After this, photographs were also taken of the idol of the goddess. The team handed over the inspection report to Collector and Devasthan Committee Administrator Rahul Rekhawar.

Collector Rekhawar said that during the preliminary inspection, the central archeology officials have noticed that the idol does not need immediate conservation.

Ambabai’s idol was alleged to have changed its appearance due to improper chemical preservation. So, officials of the State Archeology Department inspected the idol of Ambabai Devi on 28 February-Uwari. Pune State Archeology Department Assistant Director Dr. In the report given by Vilas Vahane at that time, the idol was in good condition and did not require immediate conservation, he had given a report to Collector Rekhawar. In the meantime, a report on this was also submitted to the Central Archeology Department. The collector Rekhawar also contacted and discussed with the Central Archeology Department. Also reported.

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The team came in in the morning

Mrs. Rajeshwari, Shivann Kumar, Ram Nigam along with officials of Central Archeology Department and Uttam Kamble of Kolhapur State Archeology Department also entered Ambabai temple around 8.30 am. After discussing with the temple committee officials, the team went to the Devi shrine. Detailed information was also taken from the devotees here. The change felt by the worshipers in recent days was discussed. He scrutinized the idol from all sides, assuming all possibilities. Photographs were also taken. The team came out of Gabara around 9:20 PM. After this he met the Collector and gave information.

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Chemical Conservation in 2015 from Central Archaeology

In the year 2015, the experts of the Central Archeology Department carried out a chemical conservation process on the idol of the goddess. Devasthan committee office bearer, Shri Pujak informed the authorities about the chemical preservation done earlier on the idol of the goddess. It was said by the Devasthan that the information about the agitation of institutions, organizations and feelings of devotees has been conveyed to the office bearers of the central team in the last few days.

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