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Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar3 hours ago

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Roosevelt wrote this letter to his son Theo while he was studying in another city: Dear Theo, Don’t change your ways. Don’t be self-conscious. Keep doing what you were doing before. The most important thing is to draw the least attention to yourself. However, we often do the opposite.

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The extra attention you get from people won’t do you any good. Do not create unnecessary confusion. Don’t get upset over little things. Don’t complain about paperwalla not being on time or how silly a friend is behaving. If you do that, you will show everyone that you don’t like them. How do you think this will save you from trouble in the future? On the contrary, it will invite more trouble. Be still. Hold your line and don’t let anyone get away.

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I would love to do well in studies or sports, but being a person of character would make me happier. Do you think I’m preaching? I will admit that this tendency is natural to me and has grown since becoming President. I recently read Abraham Lincoln’s letters and I was most impressed by his patience. He was as determined as he was restrained. So we should.

With much love, Theodore Roosevelt

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