15 July 2024
OK Win Game App

OK Win is a color prediction gaming website taking the internet world by storm by offering whopping rewards to the players. Meanwhile, this color prediction game has become an ideal platform to earn money and win big prizes every day. But winning prizes and earning money in OK Win is not everyone’s cup of tea because it also needs some knowledge of playing the game. If you also do not know how to earn money from Ok Win, then don’t worry, this article will make you informed about every important aspect of this game. By reading the article, you will also find out how to register on Ok Win, how to log in on Ok Win, and how you can withdraw money from this game. We have also considered some frequently asked questions by the users. Here is everything that you need to know about OK Win.

This color prediction game is quite similar to DAMAN where the players can make unlimited money by just simply predicting the color or the size. There are only two color options Red or Green to predict in the OK Win game, otherwise, you can also predict the size either Big or Small. The official website of OK Win game claims that the users who play this game are winning up to Rs 50,000 daily and as of yet more than 10 million players have participated in this game.

In simple words, OK Win is a fantasy game and it is available to play on both, a website and an application. Nevertheless, there are a number of games in this application where you can earn real money and cash prizes. Upon hearing the real money and cash prizes, questions related to the withdrawal process must be swirling in your mind. This game has taken care of the withdrawal process by keeping it very simple as the participants can withdraw the winning money directly to their bank accounts and the money will be credited within just one hour of the request. But if you are new to OK Win, you first need to register yourself and log in to your account on either the website or the application.

Registering process in OK Win is very simple. You need to go to the website or application of OK Win where you will see two options, signup and login. The new users will have to register themselves through the signup button. After clicking on register, you will be asked to enter your mobile number and set a password. You will need to confirm the password by entering it twice. In the next step of registration, you will see an invite code section which will give you free Rs 2000 bonus money. You can enter 17688510474 as your invitation code to earn an additional Rs 2000 money which you can also use to earn money. The final step is to agree with the terms and conditions of OK Win.

After registering in the OK Win app, you will need to log in to the application with your registered mobile number and the password you created during registration. If you have correctly entered the invite code provided by us, then you will also get an additional Rs 2000 bonus money. The withdrawal process of OK Win is very impressive because it does not take any charge whether you are withdrawing some amount of your wallet money or the full amount. The requested amount will be credited to your bank account within 30 minutes. There is no hidden charge in the OK Win payment method. The minimum amount you can withdraw from OK Win is Rs 10.

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