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How meaningful is the debate on ethics in Moonlighting? | How meaningful is the debate on moonlighting ethics? | Article by Nanditesh Nilay….News WAALI

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  • How Meaningful Is the Debate On Ethics in Moonlighting? | Article By Nanditesh Nilay

Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar18 hours ago

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Moonlighting is no longer a new term, especially among the youth. However, there have been disputes over this from time to time. Recently, Narayan Murthy said that moonlighting is not good in the moral scales. So should moonlighting be measured on morality alone or is moonlighting justified in times of rising inflation? Moonlighting is working together for any two companies or organizations without the knowledge of the employer. Narayan Murthy’s concern in such a situation is justified, as he has planted the seeds of ethics in the foundation of Infosys. From the company’s point of view, there can be unity in the language and expression of the company and the employees only when the loyalty of the employees to the company is everything. But, the Covid era also showed a new attitude to the youth. This has created a youth section, which only moonlights for profit. Workers in the IT sector have also benefited from the remote working model. Although some companies support moonlighting, many leading companies are against it. TCS has said that moonlighting is an ethical issue and is against values ​​and culture. Now the question is, is it wrong to expect 100% loyalty from someone who employs him? After all, what kind of culture are we creating, where the issue of professionalism becomes secondary? In that order let us talk about the Great Resignation that arose suddenly after the Covid pandemic. A recent survey by AAN Plc, a global professional services company, revealed that India has seen an attrition rate of around 20.3% in the first half of the year 2022, a significant increase indeed. Encouraging the culture of moonlighting will affect society at all levels. When a person’s professional integrity begins to be compromised, the injury also affects family and social cohesion. Moonlighting culture is not suitable for any nation, let alone family. Small moral compromises lead us away from moral reasoning over time. And India is a country of living values. These youngsters have stunned the world with their talent. So why not moral? After all, to be useful one must be ethical, honest and truthful. The lighting of the moon is not forced by anyone but the result of human greed. Mahatma Gandhi rightly said that the earth is enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s desire. Ignoring ethics can have serious far-reaching consequences. (This is the author’s personal opinion.)

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Nanditesh Nilay Author and Motivational Speaker [email protected]

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