23 July 2024
Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

As the United States is marching toward the presidential election the two candidates for the presidential election, incumbent Joe Biden and former president of the US Donald Trump, recently participated in the presidential debate. The first season of the presidential debate has taken place, both candidates faced off to persuade undecided voters. While locking horns, Joe Biden and Donald Trump attacked each other in a bid to convince voters for the upcoming presidential election. Since this debate, this news has captured the front headlines of all the news agencies. For the unversed, we have shared all the highlights and insights into this highly anticipated debate. In case, you are also seeking more about the Biden vs Trump debate, follow this article to the end. Swipe down the page.

Who Is Winning The Presidential Debate Trump vs Biden On CNN?

The Democratic candidate Joe Biden was seen sticking to his usual line to call the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a convicted felon. However, the attack of calling him a convicted felon everyone had expected from Joe Biden during the debate. The former president of the US and Republican candidate Donald Trump gave an abrupt speech that might also leave many people uncleared and perplexed. He also went after his policies and laws. The debate over several issues and topics might have easier the situation for the voters decide which side they wanted to go on.

The Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden assured the people of the US of his ability to lead the country through several challenges while his Republican challenger Donald Trump sought to move past his felony conviction and demonstrated to millions of voters that he has the temperament to return to the White House. The debate took place between Biden and Trump in Atlanta, Georgia, where the presidential candidates marked several firsts such as being the oldest candidates of the presidential election to face each other because incumbent president Joe Biden is currently 81 years old while his challenger Donald Trump is 78 years of age and CNN hosted the debate of presidential candidates for the first time.

Before locking horns on the debate hosted by CNN in Atlanta, the two rival presidential candidates did not hesitate to express their disdain for each other by not shaking hands while walking to the podiums at the start of the argument. The current president of the US referred to the former president as “this guy” several times during his speech. This debate also marked the end of silence between Biden and Trump as they had not spoken to each other since their last debate before the 2020 Presidential election. However, the former president did not respond or counter Biden’s attack related to the January 6 Capitol riot.

Trump’s first attack on Joe Biden was for the rising inflation since he took over the office in 2020. In the initial responses to the questions of Donald Trump, President Joe Biden made a few verbal missteps and cleared his throat his voice sounding hoarse. However, the incumbent president managed to defend the attacks made by his challenger on economic policies. Later the two presidential candidates were involved in a serious matter, the war in Ukraine, when the incumbent president called the Russian president a war criminal to defend himself in the tense argument on the war between Ukraine and Russia. During the debate, President Joe Biden also raised the controversial matter when Donald Trump allegedly called the fallen US soldiers losers and suckers. President Biden said his son was neither a loser nor a sucker. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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