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Health care stress, delay in surgery; strike by strike; Dispute between relatives of patients and doctors – Marathi News | Stress over healthcare delays in surgery hit by strike dispute between patients, relatives and doctorsNews WAALI

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Lokmat News Network, Mumbai: Class IV workers of the State Government Employees Association and nurses of the Maharashtra State Nurses Association in government hospitals in the city’s suburbs began an indefinite strike on Tuesday to demand their old pension. It has affected health care in the government hospitals, and now the help of the municipal administration has been taken to solve the manpower problem.

There are a total of 1500 nurses from Sir JJ Group Hospital ie GT, Kama, St. George and JJ have participated in the strike while 1,200 Class IV workers are also on strike. There are sweepers and soldiers in it. Seven hundred third grade workers are on strike, including technical and clerical staff.

In view of the long-term effects of the strike, Sir JJ informed that more workers are being employed by the municipality in the government hospitals. Hospital group founder Dr. Provided by Pallavi Saple. Regular and emergency surgeries were carried out regularly on Tuesday, scheduled surgeries will be postponed from Wednesday, and donors will be taken for a week for patient meals, as the hospital is still staffed by doctors juniors, resident doctors, nursing students in training, contract staff and senior doctors Saple also said that there is no state of emergency.

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Many patients have been given dates a week and a half later due to a shortage of assistants and nurses for medical examinations. So often patients coming from Mumbai circle have to suffer this pain. JJ The outpatient department of the hospital is always full of patients. Due to the lack of manpower on Tuesday, there was also a dispute between the relatives of the patients and the trainee doctors.

The old pension scheme is beneficial for employees who have served for many years, apart from the great requirements that one child of the family should be taken into service after retirement. – Kashinath Rane, President, State Government Employees Association

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A total of 70 state level organizations have participated in the strikes. According to the decision of the coordination committee of various organizations in the state, the main demand is that the old pension scheme should be implemented for the employees who joined the government service after 2005. – Hemlata Gajbe Vice President, Maharashtra State Nurses Association

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Web title: Stress over healthcare delays in surgery hit by strike dispute between patients, relatives and doctors

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