19 July 2024
Magomed Omarov

In an unexpected turn of events, Russia’s renowned and prolific politician from Dagestan Magomed Omarov was arrested on Sunday, June 23, 2024. Yes, you read that right, Magomed Omarov who is the head of the Sergokalinsky, was reportedly detained and arrested in connection with the terrorist attack that happened in Dagestan on Sunday, June 23, 2024, in the evening. Since the news of Sergokalinsky’s head’s arrest news broke out, people have become keen on this matter as Magomed Omarov’s family’s involvement in the terrorist attack is being reported. Following the confirmation of Magomed Omarov’s arrest, Russians have become focused on Magomed Omarov’s details. How many children he has? Since it was claimed that Magomed Omarov’s sons were involved in the terrorist attack in Dagestan, Magomed Omarov and his family have become the subjects of public scrutiny. Go through the article to the end for more information. Drag down.

Who Is Magomed Omarov?

Magomed Omarov is considered to be one of the most experienced politicians in Dagestan, Russia. He is serving as the head of Sergokalinsky and has been heading the administration in the region over the city of Makhachkala. As he is one of the most prolific personalities in Russia, Magomed Omarov’s arrest news which is in connection with the terrorist attack in Dagestan, has sent the shock waves across the country. The township where Magomed Omarov heads the administration alone has more than 27 thousand population. The reports have claimed that Magomed Omarov was arrested for the alleged involvement of his sons in the terrorist attack that happened in Dagestan on Sunday evening.

For the unversed, the head of the Sergokalinsky has a total of 10 children. In the Dagestan terrorist attack, Magomed Omarov’s sons Osman and Adil are said to be allegedly involved. The officials have claimed that the Russian politician was first detained in connection with his sons’ involvement in the terrorist activities in Derbent and Makhachkala. The same was also reported by the TASS citing law enforcement authorities. Some sources have claimed that Magomed Omarov also has resigned from his post as head of the Sergokalinsky but this claim has not been verified yet. Due to the lack of an official statement regarding Magomed Omarov’s resignation in the wake of his sons’ involvement in a terrorist attack, can not be said for granted. However, it can happen anytime soon as Magomed Omarov’s family has been allegedly involved in the anti-national activity. Drag down the page for more details.

Reportedly, a video of Magomed Omarov’s sons Osman and Adil also has been retrieved by the officials from the crime scene. The alleged video shows Osman and Adil shooting at Russian officers with automatic rifles while taking cover at an unknown location in Dagestan. However, the Russian officers later neutralized the armed boys. It remains a subject of official confirmation if the two boys involved in the shooting at Russian officers were Magomed Omarov’s sons. The authorities have described the attack in Dagestan as a terrorist act. Russia’s Investigative Committee stated that there were at least six police officers including the chief of police and a priest were killed.

Following the terrorist attack in Makhachkala and Derbent, a complete lockdown was imposed in the cities for two hours. The authorities believe the attacks in the cities were well-planned. As of yet, no confirmation has been given over the involvement of international terrorist organizations in this incident. Moreover, no organization has come to the fore to claim responsibility for this attack in which dozens of civilians were also injured besides killing at least six police officials.

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