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Have BP, Diabetes, Thyroid? So join Patanjali Yoga Camp here, to be held on this date.abg – News18 Gujarati News WAALI

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Have BP, Diabetes, Thyroid? So join Patanjali Yoga Camp here, to be held on this date.abg – News18 Gujarati

Abhishek Barad, Gandhinagar: A yoga camp has been organized for the next three days in Gandhinagar. With the slogan Karo Yoga, Raho Nirog, a three-day free yoga camp with the support of Patanjali Yoga Samiti Gandhinagar, Manas Yoga Seva Trust Gandhinagar and Pramukh Group and Samveda Group under the motto “Lakshya Arogya”. Organized at Gandhinagar.

Due to today’s hectic life and fast food, chemical rich food, people get many diseases. Ayurveda and Yoga can prevent these diseases. With the efforts of Prime Minister Narendrabhai Modi, yoga has gained worldwide acceptance. And people around the world practice yoga. A three-day free yoga camp has been organized in Gandhinagar on 23, 24, 25 September 2022 at Kanam Party Plot, Kudasan, Gandhinagar on 23rd, 24th, 25th September 2022 from 5:45 am to 7:15 am at Kanam Party Plot, Kudasan, Gandhinagar as many yoga programs are conducted by Patanjali Yoga Samiti in the country.

The outline of the camp will be as follows: On the first day, special integrated yoga practice for weight loss, on the second day, yoga practice for prevention of diseases like BP, diabetes, thyroid, on the third day, guidance for a happy and healthy lifestyle by removing mental stress, and advanced yoga practice and Surya Namaskar for the youth. Diabetes checkup and Dr. during the competition organizing camp. Free eye checkup will be done by Tejal Dalal. To benefit from this yoga camp, the camp administrator Yogacharya Dr. Kanjibhai Bawari (Naturopath) has been invited to benefit.

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Yogacharya Dr. to participate in this camp. Kanjibhai has mentioned the things to keep in mind during the camp. 1. You have to take your place 10 minutes before the camp time. 2. After completing Shocha Kriya and Sanna Kriya (if possible) come dressed in white open clothes. 3. Yoga can be practiced after 6 months if abdominal surgery has been done. 4. Pregnant women cannot participate in this camp. 5. If there is back pain, do not lean forward. 6. If there is a hernia, do not do Jukwa posture. 7. Bring an asana (yoga mat) to sit on. 8. Asked to bring a note pen.

For more information about the camp contact number: Dr. Nehalben Desai, 9409212567 Hitendrabhai Bawari, 8320369479

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