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hasan mushrif, Hasan Mushrif filed a writ petition in the High Court at Kagal while being summoned by the ED, the hearing date was fixed, what will happen to the investigation? – Hasan Mushrif contacts the Bombay High Court over a summons that an ed investigation hearing will be held tomorrowNews WAALI

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Kolhapur: The leader of the NCP, MLA Hasan Mushrif, has been summoned by the Electoral Department and did not appear for the European Department’s investigation today. On the other side, a fresh petition has been filed in the Bombay High Court after two or three times of raiding and questioning and issuing summons to appear. Hasan Mushrif’s lawyer Prashant Patil has filed a writ petition in the Bombay High Court. A hearing on this petition will be held tomorrow on March 14. Also, after the judgment of the petition, Hassan Mushrif will be decided whether EDS will be questioned or not.

After the ED raided Kagal’s house in Kolhapur, Hasan Mushrif was noted and interacted with the media at Kagal’s house today. ‘I was there as the budget session was going on. Today I came to Kagal to meet my family. My lawyer will seek time from ED. Hasan Mushrif said that the summons was sent by ED for the case I have nothing to do with. Hasan Mushrif has filed a new writ petition in the High Court against the action taken by the Electoral Department.

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The petition will be heard tomorrow on March 14. In this regard, his lawyers informed that we have filed a writ petition in the Bombay High Court. The manner in which the raids are carried out by the ED has been brought to the attention of the court. Earlier in Pune, the main case has been registered in this case and the High Court has stayed it. Mushrif’s lawyer also pointed out that Hasan Mushrif is not even an accused in that case.

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Today we have informed the ED through a notice and the matter will be heard tomorrow. He said that the Electoral Department had been informed that we could not appear until the decision was made in this case. Also, according to the decision of the High Court on the petition filed, Hasan Mushrif will appear before the ED or not? Prashant Patil also said that this will be decided.

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