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Hardik Akshay’s career begins; When is the wedding? Questions Asked by Fans – News18 Poll News WAALI

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Mumbai, September 21: The hit jodi of Tishtet Jeev Rangal is everyone’s wood Pathak Bai and Rana Da. The pair will soon be together for life. A few months ago, both of them got engaged. Both gave a pleasant shock to the fans by suddenly getting married. Now this couple is going to get married in a few days. The relationship between the two has begun. Actor Hardik Joshi And Akshaya Deodhar Preparations for his marriage have started. Hardik has shared photos of his activities. On the one hand, Akshaya is having a bachelor party with her friends, while on the other hand, Hardik is having fun with his family. Hardik’s passion has been started by his sister. His kelvana has started in a very ensemble style. Hardik has enjoyed Kelvana in authentic Maharashtrian style on banana leaf. Hardik has shared a beautiful photo saying, ‘Kelvana starts from sister’. Also Read – Akshaya deodhar : Gajra in hair and lungi worn; Pathakbai’s special South Indian style bachelor party

On the other hand, Hardik’s wife-to-be, actress Akshaya Deodhar is enjoying her bachelor party. Akshay has done this party in some unusual way. Currently she is outing with friends and enjoying some special moments before marriage. Akshaya’s party was not simple but in South Indian style.

After seeing the pictures of Hardik’s wedding, the fans are eager for their wedding. After seeing the photos of Hardik, the fans asked him when he will get married now? Many such questions have been asked. Meanwhile, discussions are going on that Hardik Joshi will participate in Bigg Boss Marathi 4. But if he is doing Kelvan now, there is a possibility that he will get married when Bigg Boss starts. Then the fans are wondering how Hardik will participate in the show.

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