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HomeIndiaHanumanji's flying speed was faster than today's MirajNews WAALI

Hanumanji’s flying speed was faster than today’s MirajNews WAALI

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What would be Hanumanji’s flying speed? You can guess that there was a fight between Laxman ji and Meghnad from 9:00 to 12:00 in the night. Laxman ji was hit by the arrow shot by Meghnad around 12:00 in the night and fainted.
After getting the information about Lord Lakshman ji’s unconsciousness, after getting sad, after discussion, Hanuman ji must have brought Sushen Vaidya from Lanka on the advice of Vibhshan ji in 1 hour ie around 1:00 pm.

Sushen Vaidya must have checked and said that these four medicines would be found on Dronagiri mountain near the Himalayas, which he had to bring before 5:00 am before sunrise. For this, Hanuman ji must have left for the Himalayas at 1:30 in the night.

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Hanumanji had been given 3:30 hours to bring that medicine from Dronagiri mountain in the Himalayas, two and a half thousand kilometers away. In this too, his time of half an hour would have been spent to find the medicine. The demon called Kalnemi must have spent half an hour confusing them and Bharat ji must have spent half an hour making them fall down and allowing them to be sent back. That is, only two hours were given to come and go. During these two hours, Hanuman ji came back after traveling 5000 kilometers from Dronagiri Himalayas mountain. That means their speed must have been two thousand and a half kilometers per hour.
The latest Mirage aircraft today has a speed of 2400 km per hour. So Hanuman ji Maharaj went even faster than that and removed three obstacles on the way and came back before sunrise. This was possible because of his unique powers.