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Hanuman devotees will create a record by reciting Hanuman Chalisa, medical camp also organize.abg – News18 Gujarati News WAALI

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Hanuman devotees will create a record by reciting Hanuman Chalisa, medical camp also organize.abg – News18 Gujarati

Abhishek Barad, Gandhinagar:For the first time in the world, a world record of 33 hours 33 minutes non-stop Hanuman Chalisa and mega service project has been organized by clubs of Lions International.

First World Record Program 33 Hours 33 Minutes Non Stop Hanuman Chalisa and Service Work Every Hour during 33 Hours Mega Service Project Bharat Mata Mandir, Sector-7A, Gandhinagar Dated. 23/09/2022 Friday 8:00 AM onwards The program is scheduled till 6:00 PM on Saturday 24/09/2022. Lions International is the world’s largest NGO with a membership of over 1393457 in 49888 clubs in over 210 countries. The newly started 6 Lions Clubs in Gandhinagar have jointly organized the above program. In this program, Hanuman Chalisa will be sung non-stop for 33 hours 33 minutes with melodious songs by different artists on karaoke music by the team of Nirav Gajjar of the famous Millennium Events of Ahmedabad.

The guests/city leaders present in this program will get the benefit of Hanuman Dada’s Aarti and Prasad whenever they are present during the 33 hours and one service work will be distributed by them every hour. During this program under medical department 1. Blood donation 2. Blood group check-up 3. Diabetes and B.P. Check-up 4. Medical check up camp 5. Eye check up service activities are conducted. During the first world record program at Gandhinagar, service distribution food packet – in salm areas of Gandhinagar, fruit distribution in hospitals, nutritional vitamins and powder distribution in Anganwadis, food packets to government school children – biscuits – chocolate stationery – school bags – color pens – drawing books – books – pages – Pencil – Compass etc. in 7 to 8 places in different schools. Masala Khichdi- Dhokla – Puri Shaak, Patata Pia- Upamano Govt School Std. Distribution to children of 1 to 4 years, distribution of sanitary pads to girl school students, distribution of blankets to night security workers, distribution of sarees to women cleaners in Gandhinagar, distribution of ration kits to workers in the final resting place of Gandhinagar, distribution of essential items to religious temples in Gandhinagar to pilgrims. Benefit, registration of rifle shooting training fee by Tarathi Rifle Shooting Club for self defense to girls of Gandhinagar, distribution of saplings to pilgrims, distribution of prasad for 33 hours for pilgrims, distribution of new t-shirts, shorts to 1 to 2 year old children of slums, drawing competition of government school children of Gandhinagar And many service works like distribution of prizes, grain/chicks service for birds, fodder service for Munga cattle, distribution of cloth bags in vegetable market for plastic free Gandhinagar will be done.

Along with this program, the world’s largest Leo Club with a membership of 1111 and above will be started in Gandhinagar. The youth wing of the Lions Club i.e. Leo Club, girls between the age of 12 to 18 years can join the Alpha Leo Club, the young men between the ages of 18 and 30 can join the Omega Leo Club for free. Programs like leadership, trekking, cultural activities, Navratri garba, picnic, adventure activities, youth exchange program, mountain ye ring in motorcycle expedition, fellowship and various types of fun and excitement will be done. For Leo Club membership fill your name, address, age, occupation, education details in the format below. 9898358757 (LM Joshi) must be WhatsApped. Leo members will have the opportunity to participate in more than 10 events a year. One/two day trips, camping, adventure tours will be benefited. 4 to 6 group meals per year, musical events will also benefit.

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A new experiment is also being done with this program. 750 officers/employees of the Secretariat Service and allied offices of the State Government will be started in Gandhinagar for leadership training by the faculties of Lions International and leading professional coaches. This Pathshala will be Full Day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Sunday at Gandhinagar in November 2022 / December 2022. Tea-coffee-breakfast, lunch, high-tea and training materials will be given to the benefiting officer. Only Class-III, Class-II, Class-I officer/employee aged 45 years or below can participate in this.

Along with this, a grand colorful program of patriotic film songs and song music for the families of the soldiers will be performed in October or November 2022 in Gandhinagar along with the families of soldiers serving in all wings of the Indian service in Gandhinagar. Apart from this, during Mahashivratri 2023, four Prahar Pujas have been planned. During this period, 1008 people will perform puja in the four watches of the night. 9898358757 (Labhshankar Joshi) can be done for information and registration of all these programs.

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