13 July 2024
Han So Hee

The personal life of South Korean actress Han So Hee has become a subject of fans’ scrutiny after she shared a picture of herself, in which the actress can be seen flaunting her shoulder-length hair.

Yes, you read that right, Han So Hee has got a new haircut. The actress cut her hair to the shoulder-length. She revealed her new look by sharing a selfie image on her official social media handle on Tuesday, July 2, 2024, giving a glimpse into her current moves.

Whenever a celebrity gets a new look, it becomes a topic of discussion as fans share their myriad reactions and opinions about it. The same is also happening in the case of Han So Hee because fans in large numbers have shared their response to the actress’s new short hair look.

Han So Hee Unveils Shoulder-Length Hair in Stunning Selfie

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As mentioned, the actress revealed her new look or hairstyle on Tuesday, July 2, 2024, through a selfie image posted on her social media handles, the particular post of Han So Hee’s account has prompted a large number of fans to share their reaction.

However, some loved the new hairstyle of the actress while others were not happy with her new look. Not to mention, the preference of hairstyle and fashion choice varies from person to person, thus the short hair look of Han So Hee is prompting myriad reactions from the fans.

As of yet, thousands of fans have commented on Han So Hee’s post, but most of the comments are positive and complimenting her new hairstyle.

Speaking of the image shared by Han So Hee on Tuesday, July 2, 2024, the selfie image features the actress taking a chic mirror selfie with an urbane facial expression. The post attained attention and tuned eyeballs as the actress donned shoulder-length hair and bold smoky makeup in the picture.

Han So Hee Debuts New Look


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While sporting the short hairstyle, Han So Hee also exuded her sexy and decadent charm to win the hearts of the netizens.

If you have not seen her photo yet, you can visit Han So Hee’s official Instagram account to see her latest pictures. Her official IG handle goes with the username @xeesoxee where she has amassed more than 17 million followers.

The number of posts on her Instagram account shows Han So Hee remains active on social media and frequently posts her images. The most recent post in which actress Han So Hee sports her shoulder-length hair, has garnered around 1 million likes, showing the acceptance of the fans.

After Han So Hee revealed her new look, many also speculated the reason for cutting her hair short. However, it remains unconfirmed for what reasons Han So Hee cut hair to shoulder-length but a report claims that she got a new look for her upcoming series “Project Y”.

Fans Divided Over Han So Hee’s New Hairstyle

For the unversed, Han So Hee has been roped in for the role in the tentative project “Project Y” which also stars Jeon Jong Seo. Get more about Han So Hee and Jeon Jong Seo’s upcoming series Project Y, in the next section.

According to the reports, the set of Project Y has been established in the Gangnam district of Seoul where the whole cast of Project Y along with Jeon Jong Seo and Han So Hee has started filming.

Project Y is said to be a noir film that revolves around the ambitions of two friends. The plot of the film is to steal golden bars worth 8 billion KRW and make a safe exit. Stay tuned to this website.

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