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Hallmark Gold: Hallmark Gold is valid from April 1News WAALI

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Mumbai: The central government is going to change the rules of buying gold. These changes will be made from 1 April. This will affect both jewelers and consumers. After March 31, only gold with features will be considered authentic. Gold without a hallmark will be invalid.

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, this change will be made in the rules for buying gold from March 31. No jeweler can sell gold jewelery without a Hallmark Unique Identification (HUD) mark. The government has taken this decision to stop the sale of fake jewelery and cheating consumers in the country. So, now only six-digit feature will be valid, said the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. The ministry explained this was due to confusion between four-digit and six-digit characteristics. Therefore, a goldsmith cannot sell gold jewelery without a six-digit hallmark.

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Now four digit features will stop completely. Efforts have been going on by the central government for a long time to curb the sale of fake gold. ‘HUD’ stands for ‘Hallmark Unique Identification’ number. The quality and purity of gold is understood from this number. This number is on jewelery or gold items. From this number you can understand the complete information about the gold jewelry. Earlier there were four digit and six digit hallmark numbers; But now the government has banned four digit hallmark and only six digit features will be valid. Customers will be able to sell antique gold jewelery without features. There are a total of 1 thousand 338 marking centers throughout the country and more centers are being established.

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