23 July 2024
Rui Pinto

Suddenly, football fans have shifted their attention to Rui Pinto because he just recently threatened to leak additional emails and documents from Manchester City. For the unversed, Rui Pinto is the same person who also led to the ban of Manchester City from Europe by UEFA for two years back in 2020. Yes, you read that right, Rui Pinto is a renowned hacker who is also responsible for the most controversial Football Leaks scandal. Recently, he promised to reveal the Manchester Club’s willful disregard for Financial Fair Play regulations. Since Rui Pinto made this claim and threatened the football club for revealing the FFP breaches, football fans have become focused on him and scrounging the internet to learn more about him. Here we have explained everything that you need to know about Rui Pinto and his warning to leak club’s willful disregard for FFB regulations. Kindly stick with this page and go through to the end. Drag down.

Who Is Rui Pinto?

Rui Pinto is a 35-year-old man and he is best known for the hugely controversial and explosive football leaks scandal when UEFA banned Manchester City for two years in 2020. Once again, the hacker came into the news headlines for promising to release the additional emails and documents of Manchester City in which the club breached the Financial Fair Play regulations. In addition, the hacker also has claimed to have provided millions of papers having criminal relevancy to French and German police. Continue reading this article for more details.

In 2018, Rui Pinto unlawfully obtained thousands of emails from Manchester City and also leaked many of them on the internet. In 2020, Rui Pinto joined a witness protection program despite being found guilty of attempted extortion and data theft or unauthorized data access for which he was even sentenced to four years in jail by a Portuguese court. But when he enrolled himself into the witness protection program, Rui Pinto avoided to go to prison.

Reportedly, Rui Pinto has been maintaining the majority of pertaining Manchester City’s financial transactions. However, he has revealed information about Manchester City’s sponsorship revenue along with the original print of Roberto Mancini’s contract, former manager of Man City. Due to the leaks of the club’s emails and documents, Manchester City is charged with 115 Premier League charges, particularly for financial irregularities, and is scheduled to face a hearing this autumn season. However, the club has denied all the charges and refused any wrongdoing in its financial transactions. According to the reports, Manchester City is also charged with breaching the Financial Fair Play regulations by allegedly making payments to other parties and passing them off as sponsorship income.

Rui Pinto recently gave some threatening warnings to Manchester City through a video conference with the Offshore-Alert Marbella Conference while sitting at his safe house. He said that Manchester City releases presented money being paid by the club that was even not mentioned to the authorities. He also claimed to have given five hard disks containing millions of documents to French and German Police. Furthermore, Rui Pinto threatened that he also detailed the contents of each device. He is pretty sure that the French and German authorities will find criminal activities.

The representative of Rui Pinto stated that investigators approached them to share information about Manchester City that Rui Pinto has not released yet. The legal representative of hacker Rui Pinto also claimed to have a major file of Man City’s documents that have not been released. He promised to reveal the documents at some point. It can not be said when but they will do it.

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