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HomeIndiaGroundwater in Sector 43 being flushed into gutters, residents angryNews WAALI

Groundwater in Sector 43 being flushed into gutters, residents angryNews WAALI

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Written by Moumita Tarafdar and Om Thakur

Residents of Sector 43 have expressed concern about the continuous seepage of ground water into sewers and gutters near the District Courts.

The water comes out when excavating soil for the construction of an underground multi-level car park. According to reports, the flushing has been going on for several days.

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Residents of the area have contacted the Chief Engineer of UT, OP Ojha, to complain about the waste of ground water.

Rajan, one of the concerned residents, said that instead of storing the water, the construction company has installed water pumps and fixed plastic pipes to drain the water into nearby sewerage systems and gutters. He added that the administration should store this water.

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Rajan said, “The JCB machines had barely dug 10 to 12 feet of soil when the water started gushing out four days ago, and it has been flowing ever since. Instead of storing it, the construction company drains it into nearby sewerage systems and gutters.” During a visit to the site, it was discovered that workers had found water eight feet below ground level during excavation work. A depth of over 15 feet is required to build the underground car park. A private construction company is digging for the underground car park. A company representative, who declined to be named, claimed that they had informed the Chief Engineer of Chandigarh about water drainage.

Chief Engineer (UT) OP Ojha explained that the water level in southern sectors, such as Sector 43, is very high, and water often comes out when digging soil at a low level. He added that the water is contaminated and not portable, and draining such water is a standard procedure.

However, a local resident argued that millions of liters of water are wasted, and there are many techniques to recycle and use this water.


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