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glass facade building in mumbai, buildings in mumbai will breathe freely; Mumbai Municipal Corporation has made major changes, read in detail – bmc sat on glass facade buildings policyNews WAALI

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m. Ta. Special Representative, Mumbai: When erecting tall glass facade buildings (with glass on the outside), the distance between the two buildings is short, making it difficult for the fire brigade and other emergency vehicles to enter in case of an emergency. That makes the situation worse. With this issue, it was made mandatory to keep open spaces in the newly erected glass facade building. Proposed amendments to the Mumbai Municipal Development Management and Promotion Rules 2034. In this regard, when erecting glass facade buildings, the distance between two buildings was maximum six meters according to the height. Now the same distance is set up to nine meters.

The borough’s planning department has called for objection notices and to file objections within a month. In the last few years, there has been a huge increase in fire incidents in Mumbai, including high rise buildings. These buildings also have glass facades. When erecting such buildings, there is no gap between the two buildings. Glass facade building materials are light in weight. These buildings are claimed to have lots of sunlight, heat control and other environmental supplements. However, many problems arise due to lack of free air. The Development Control Regulations 2034 will make it compulsory to maintain open spaces on the side and rear of the building or commercial building where an artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation scheme is used and where the external facade of the building is made of glass. Objections were sought from Mumbaikars for this.

Meanwhile, for plots with an area of ​​up to one thousand square meters or where the average width of the plot is less than 20 meters and the height of the building is more than 70 meters and up to 120 metres, nine meters or fire service requirements, whichever however higher, the municipality has indicated. The same has been mentioned in the regulations for buildings with a height of more than 120 metres.