23 July 2024
Girl Showing Her Nails And Kitty Tiktok

TikTok trend “New Nails & My Kitty” went wrong after a user posted a more explicit version of the New Nails & My Kitty videos in June 2024. Meanwhile, the controversial video of “New Nails & My Kitty” TikTok trend became a hot topic on the internet, leaving the unaware people curious about it. TikTok is a platform where every week a new trend starts and millions of people participate in it by sharing different kinds of videos on the particular trend in order to gain traction and attention on social media. Likewise, a new trend started on TikTok a couple of weeks ago, titled “New Nails & My Kitty” in which the TikTok user shows nails and a pet cat. But a user made this trend more explicit by her kind of video. What is in the video and where it can be watched, everything that you need to know about this video has been explained in the following sections. Scroll down.

Girl Showing Her Nails And Kitty Tiktok

According to the reports, the video was posted on the platform in June 2024 and it suddenly gained traction and became an online phenomenon due to its explicit content in the wake of the viral New Nails & My Kitty trend. However, the moderators of the platform took quick action and removed the video from the platform. But by the time it was deleted, the Girl Showing Her Nails and Kitty video had been watched and saved by thousands of users. Reportedly, this controversial video was shared by a user whose TikTok account is created with the username @usergosd7n01yj. However, this account also has been banned for violating the content policy of the platform. You must be wondering what was in the video. Get this information below in the article.

The user @usergosd7n01yj is a female and she tried to follow the trend of showing nails and a kitty, but she did a little bit extra in the video to make it a viral phenomenon. Reportedly, the TikTok user, @usergosd7n01yj, flashed her intimate part or vagina in the trend video, seemingly by accident. Interestingly, the girl captioned the video “new nails & my kitty” in which she tried to showcase her new bails and pet cat but it was more than just a normal trend video because the girl made the video explicit by flashing her private part. Moreover, the girl also added the Nasty song by Tinashe with the lyrics “I have been a nasty girl” to her New Nails & Kitty TikTok video.

Shortly after posting the video, the person behind the username @usergosd7n01yj realized her mistake and learned that she accidentally flashed herself in a recent video. The viral controversial video of a girl showing her nails and kitty led a large number of people to dig deeper into her profile where TikTok users found that @usergosd7n01yj has flashed herself in most of her videos. Yes, you read that right. In another video, the same girl flashed herself in a brief reflection with a TV over a bathtub.

The new video of @usergosd7n01yj “New Nails & My Kitty” has garnered myriad reactions from TikTok users. However, the video has been deleted from the platform. As far as we know, the video existed on TikTok till June 12, 2024. In the video, the girl flaunted her nails while moving her hand on her kitty when she accidentally flashed her vagina as well. As of now, this controversial viral video is available on Reddit and Twitter where many users have shared it publicly. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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