19 July 2024
Raju Yadav

Getup Srinu is a famous Indian actor who is known for his comedy skills. As of now, he gained an immense fan following through his stand-up comedian who primarily works in Telugu cinema.

This year, he worked in the blockbuster Telugu film “Hanu Man” in which he played the character of Kassi. However, he returned with a new project in 2024. For those who do not know Raju Yadav is a 2024 Indian Telugu film in which he is playing the main lead role.

Well, the viewers are looking for the OTT release date for the film Raju Yadav. Check out the latest update regarding Raju Yadav’s OTT release date, platform, and many more.

‘Raju Yadav’ to Stream Exclusively on Aha This Month

As we earlier mentioned, Raju Yadav is a 2024 Indian Telugu-language film that was released at the box office on May 24, 2024. Sadly, it has not received success at the box office. The film Raju Yadav has proven to flop at the box office.

Despite its flop, several fans of Getup Srinu are showing their interest in watching this film on the OTT platform. However, the makers of the film have not yet announced its OTT release but it will be released. The makers of the film are also in the second week of July 2024.

Furthermore, the makers of the also released OTT platform name. Interestingly, the Indian comedian Getup Srinu covert his profession in the latest film as an actor. He is famous for stand-up comedy however in the upcoming film is playing the main lead role. Krishnamachary is the writer and director of the film “Raju Yadav”.

The film is produced by K Prashant Reddy and Kallepalli under the banner of Sai Varunavi Creations and Charisma Dreams Entertainment. The running time of the film is 121 minutes.

However, it has received negative reviews from critics. On the other side, the Indian actress Ankita Kharat is playing the main lead in the latest film Raju Yadav. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

When the trailer of Raju Yadav was released, it received millions of views. Sadly, it has not received much popularity at the box office and ended with a flop. The latest reports claim that the film ‘Raju Yadav’ received the streaming rights.

Recently, Aha updated the viewers that Raju Yadav is bagged by the Aha platform. It means it will be released on the Aha streaming platform. Viewers who have not yet watched this film can watch it on the Aha platform. Furthermore, it will be released in the 2nd week of July 2024.

Let’s take a look at the plot of the film. The story is about a guy who was injured by a cricket ball which turned his face into a weird shape. The main lead cast of the film starts facing problems due to his facial structure. The main lead role is played by Getup Srinu.

Apart from Getup Srinu, Several famous personalities are playing pivotal roles such as Ankita Kharat, R.J. Hemant, Chakrapani Ananda, Bhushan Kalyan, and many more. The simple life of a young man goes down after a sudden accident. Getup is playing the character of Raju.

Raju suffers from a facial disorder after the accident. Moreover, the storyline of the film is based on the real story, Raju Yadav. Despite being a flop, Getup Sreenu received much appreciation for his acting skills. There is no doubt that he is a great comedian as well as a good actor.

The OTT platform Aha is playing a key role by showing its performance on a big platform. We Hope, Raju Yadav will perform well on the OTT platform. Overall, this film will be released on the Aha platform by this month.

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