16 July 2024
Tyler Cherry

The open gay White House official Tyler Cherry has landed in hot water after an old video of him went viral and sparked widespread controversy. In the old video, the White House official can be seen promoting Russiagate and criticizing the police. This old controversial video has posed challenges for Tyler Cherry and has become a major talking point after thousands of users shared their myriad reactions to this video. Eventually, Tyler Cherry found himself embroiled in outrage and criticism years after his old video became popular on the internet. Meanwhile, people have become focused on Tyler Cherry and curiously searching for more details about him. If you are also scrambling to learn more about this gay White House official, this article is for you. Here is everything that you may need to know about him. Scroll down the page.

For the unversed, Tyler Cherry is the associate communications director at the White House where he started serving as the associate communication director earlier in June. Before being appointed as the associate communications director, Tyler Cherry used to serve as the principal deputy communications director and spokesperson for the Department of the Interior. Shortly after being promoted and appointed as the associate communications director, Tyler Cherry found himself embroiled in a controversy due to an old video of him. The video in question has ignited a widespread discussion about his past social media activity.

As mentioned, Tyler Cherry has publicly claimed that he is gay, and is facing criticism and backlash due to his one-year-old social media post in which he criticizes the police and promotes Russiagate. Due to his old social media activities, Tyler Cherry is being slammed by civilians after being appointed as the associate communications director. Initially, the old controversial video of the gay White House official was reviewed by Fox News. Recently, several old social media posts including a post from 2014 in which he is supporting Palestine, resurfaced on the internet and became a major talking point. As per the reports, these old posts were re-shared on X formerly Twitter where users have shared their myriad reactions.

Screengrabs of these tweets also have been circulated across the social media following Tyler Cherry’s appointment at the White House, because Tyler Cherry has deleted original posts from his account. According to Fox News, the newly appointed associated communications director of the White House has since taken down these controversial posts following his appointment. Has Tyler Cherry reacted to the criticism over his old social media posts? Yes, he reacted to the widespread criticism he received over old social media posts. He stated that his past political views do not reflect his current mindset and stance. Furthermore, his support for the Biden-Harris administration’s agenda does not express reservations about his new role at the White House. Swipe down the page to read more details.

On Monday, June 24, 2025, Tyler Cherry told the media that his old social media posts in which he was younger, do not reflect his current views. He also asserted that he will continue his communication work that is primarily focused on climate and environmental policies. An old post of Tyler Cherry that he shared on Twitter back in 2015 suggests he prayed for Baltimore but prayed even harder for an end to a capitalistic police state motivated by implicit and explicit racial biases. It is believed that this post of Tyler Cherry came amid the riots that happened in some parts of the US due to the tragic death of a black man named Freddie Gray while in police custody.

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