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FUUAST Organizes Launch of Urdu Translation of Story Book “Toufan Mein Jhonpadri”News WAALI

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The launch of the story book “Toufan Mein Jhonpadri” in Urdu is organized by FUUAST.

KARACHI: Eminent Sindhi and Urdu writers, poets and teachers graced the launch ceremony of the Urdu translation of Muhammad Ali Pathan’s story book “Toufan Mein Jhonpadri” organized by the Sindhi Department of the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (FUUAST) here. .

Speaking at the event, Sindhi Department Chairman Dr. Inayat Hussain Laghari that Mohammad Ali Pathan’s fiction collection has 52 stories where the important issues that touch the heart of society, people’s suffering, pain, persecution and sensitive topics to convey others have been released by Muhammad Ali Pathan in the form of his book.

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Renowned Urdu poet Professor Shahid Kamal said that creating books is a full-time job as a new creation can be seen in every word and work of Muhammad Ali Pathan.

Time and people have recognized the creativity of Muhammad Ali Pathan, he observed.

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Dr said. Sher Mehrani in his address that Muhammad Ali Pathan has done literary services selflessly and the themes of his stories are based on society.

M.Ali Pathan has written on incidents and exposed bad characters, covering the facts of observations and experiences, he said.

Karan Singh said that the art of Muhammad Ali Pathan is that his stories are social which include old and new themes as he is a progressive writer. Professor Yasmeen Sultana said that he has also written plays with the legendary writer which reflect civilization, social values, unseen events. Rafia Bukhari said that Mohammad Ali Pathan himself continues to write and encourages others to write.

Assistant Professor Dr Abida Ghangharu said that Muhammad Ali Pathan has written more than 28 books. Such characters should be given full recognition and hopefully they will shine brighter with their creative works.

Zia Abro said that translating a book into Urdu is a difficult process, other writers should also bring their books in Urdu so that Urdu speakers can also understand the cultural themes of Sindh.

Muhammad Ali Pathan has highlighted the important themes of modern society in his stories.

Muhammad Ali Pathan has written a lot in his stories on criminal activities and all his books are worth reading and understanding.

Waheed Mohsin said that Muhammad Ali Pathan’s stories will also take important plots and characters from his own society which fully reflects the psychology of the society.

Zubair Kalwer said in his address that Muhammad Ali Pathan is a modern story writer and also an excellent poet as well as a storyteller as he is the great storyteller of the modern era.

Muhammad Ali Pathan is a social scientist and critic who looks at things from a scientific point of view. Prof. Salman Sarwat said that the writings of Muhammad Ali Pathan are related to his land.

Dr Javed Shaikh said that the art of translation is difficult, which is executed very well by Muhammad Ali Pathan. All these books are worth reading and understanding, he said.

Wahid Soomro said that the responsibility of the pen was properly handled along with other duties. He placed 27 books in Mother Earth’s cradle.

Seema Abro said that Muhammad Ali Pathan created history in prose along with poetry.
At the end of the ceremony Sikandar Ali Bhand thanked the participants.