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Furniture, 136 Delay in replacement of defective academic buildingNews WAALI

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Date of Publication: | Wed, 02 Nov 2022 02:20 AM (IST)

– Newly constructed building has no fans and false ceiling, no backup power for elevators

Gwalior.New World Rep. It has been two years since the incomplete academic building of Gajaraja Medical College with 136 defects for 250 MBBS seats. Gajaraja Medical College was also taken under its purview. But the branch did not change as there was no new furniture in the building. The condition of the newly constructed building is such that most of the fixtures are visible or broken. The ground floor is dilapidated as there are no fans, lights and even a false ceiling in the building. The toilet was broken and the faucet was missing. He said that if the branch is not changed to these buildings immediately, these ruins will be visible. But the NMC cell also moved to the academic building as the microbiology department almost moved. But the building cannot be properly managed until the rest of the department heads arrive. It is noteworthy that academic buildings, one for girls, one for boys and two intern hostels for 250 seats have been prepared at a cost of Rs.112 crores. The academic building has a lecture theatre, reading and examination ready. But there was more than 10 percent increase in the amount of steel, concrete etc., which ran out of funds and could not renovate Warden Block, Lecture Hall and Medical College with 25 crores. They said that even for the construction of the building, they have taken money for furniture, and if new funds are not granted for the furniture, they want to shift to a building without furniture.

No power backup for lift-

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Two of the three elevators in the academic building are operational. In another building one of the two elevators without power backup is working, when a power failure occurs the elevator will stop working and anyone inside the elevator at that time will be trapped. The building housed the Department of Microbiology, now the Department of Physiology and Forensics. But before that, the floor was torn in many places, false ceiling in some places, fans were not found, faucets and appliances in the bathroom were broken.

There is a problem with changing luggage-

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The heads of departments say that there is a problem in the change of departments. In fact, old and broken items should be removed. Due to this there is a delay in the transfer of the department. Because how to send the goods until the furniture is changed, the work will be interrupted when the old furniture is changed. So there is a problem. New furniture was supposed to be available in the new building but it did not happen, so it takes time to get the old furniture.

All departments are shifting to academic buildings

Currently there are 180 MBBS seats

There are 150 MBBS seats in the medical college. Ten percent seats were added to the economically backward general class and increased from 150 to 180 seats last year. These seats were supposed to be increased to 250 but it has not happened yet.

They say-

The academic building has been handed over with a list of 136 deficiencies, which are being rectified from autonomous funds, which will later be drawn from the PIU. He said that furniture worth 3 crores has to be arranged and the tender has also been paid and now it has to be given to PIU. All departments have issued orders to change.

Dr Akshay Nigam, Dean GR Medical College

Tenders for goods have been opened and the goods will be available soon.

VK Arak, Additional Project Officer PIU

Posted by: Anil Tomar

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