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Fire also in Netrawali Sanctuary – Tarun BharatNews WAALI

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Fire incidents in Pate, Tudav, Kumari, obstacles in extinguishing the fire on the hill

Say: Fires continue in the forest and a fire has also broken out in the Netravali shrine. The administration tried to put out the fire at Pate, Tudav, Kumari in Netravali sanctuary area with tireless efforts on Sunday. But as the fire was on the hill, the fire brigade’s water bombs could not reach there, and the forest personnel were trying to bring the fire under control. Deputy Collector Sange Mahima Madan, Casedar Gaurav Gawkar, Assistant Forester of the Forest Department Damodar Salelkar, Zonal Forest Officer Bipin Phaldesai were seen giving necessary instructions to those concerned to control the fire on Sunday. He also supervised the extinguishing of the fire. The personnel of the forestry department and the fire brigade are struggling to control the fire. But due to the lack of roads to reach the mountains, it has become difficult to extinguish forest fires there. Part of the plantation of the forest department as well as a private cashew plantation were said to have been gutted in the fire at Potre-Tudav, Mutt. The fire has been smoldering in the Tudav forest for the last three or four days. Forest personnel brought it under control, but the fire broke out again. Once the dead trees in the forest catch fire, they continue to smolder. When the wind blows in it, the spark jumps and falls to other places and the fire spreads.

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Call the attention of the Forestry Minister

There is a demand that Forest Minister Vishwajit Rane should show the same promptness in controlling the fire in Mhadai Sanctuary in case of fire in Netravali Sanctuary. It is difficult to completely extinguish a forest fire in the mountains by humans and for this it is necessary to provide helicopters. Although it is true that it is very hot at the moment, it is not known exactly how the fire started. Once this fire starts, there is no way to know who started it. Meanwhile, the Forest Department is clearing the areas along the forest to prevent forest fires. Last week there was a fire at Gale Dongar in Kotharli, Sange. Last Thursday, after tireless efforts, the administration managed to control the fire. Now fire has broken out in Kumari, Potre, Tudav, Juna in Netravali Sanctuary. Deputy Collector Mahima Madan and case officer Gaurav Gawkar inspected the fire sites on Sunday and issued necessary instructions to the fire brigade and forest department and other disaster management officials.