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FIFA World Cup: Black Spider, Black Panther, Black Octopus… What else can he call it? | Lev Yashin: The human story of a legendNews WAALI

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Liu Yashin: Even after becoming a hero, Liu Yashin had bad times in his life. The ‘beautiful game’ is not always beautiful. Like the 1962 FIFA World Cup. He scored two goals in the quarter finals, which is not expected from a legend like him. However, people make mistakes. He did too. He was not only responsible for the goal. Although he was made a villain.

FIFA World Cup: Black Spider, Black Panther, Black Octopus... What else can he call it?

Image credit source: OWN Photography

Deepankar Ghoshal

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Who is the new star? This question has been on my mind for at least four years. This time we will be looking for the next generation of Messi-Ronaldo-Neymar in the World Cup football tournament. Such is the World Cup. It has been giving birth to one hero after another since the first day of its journey. Many events. And a group of world champions. TV Nine presented all these heroic and unforgettable events. Episode-5

‘The joy of watching Yuri Gagarin in space can be overshadowed by a fine penalty save.’ The same can be said about Leo Yasin. Has a keeper saved more than one hundred and fifty penalties? Does the question sound silly? Goalkeeper’s job is to save the goal. So what’s all the fuss about? But playing goal, everyone forgets that the goalkeeper is human too. All the responsibility cannot be his. As important as the striker is in football, so are the rest. However, we point the finger at the caretaker!

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A goalkeeper who was almost perfect. He did more ‘right’ than ‘wrong’. Leo Yasin This is a name. Yasin, who created a new head for keeping, is known by many other names. Black Spider, Black Panther, Black Octopus…!

This goalkeeper of the Soviet Union preferred black clothes. He entered the field in a black jersey. Hence ‘black’. The rest of the adjectives are added naturally. The bullet was stuck in his web like a fly. Like Black Panther, he saves targets in a flash. It looked like it had many arms like an octopus. To get in the goal, there are many obstacles to overcome. The goalkeeper in the last step. And Liu Yassin was an invincible defender. Defeating him required incredible skill.

Black Spider’s life has also come from darkness to light. Leo Yasin was born in 1922. With the outbreak of World War II, he had to work to earn money from a young age. He was forced to work in a weapons factory. He also suffered from depression once. Yasin wrote in his autobiography, “At that time I could not feel anything but emptiness.” And the hope of winning it was football. He used to play with other workers in the factory. He had to stand in the circle because of his bad shape. From there the legend begins. A path has been made from darkness to light. Wanted to quit factory work. Could not find the way. Joined the army on the advice of a friend. His real goal was in football. Dynamo Moscow had good relations with the army. Yasin caught the attention of the Dynamo boss while playing in the army. Who knew he would be the best goalkeeper of all time!

In Dynamo Moscow, not only football, but also organized the goals of the hockey team. Yasin won the hockey championship in 1953. Consistent performances in football earned him a chance in the senior team of Dynamo Moscow. Leo Yasin played an important role in winning the Soviet Union Football Championship five times and the Soviet Union Cup three times.

Yassin, however, is remembered for his unparalleled performances in international football. One of the biggest achievements of his career was the Soviet gold medal at the 1956 Olympics. He also won the European Nations Cup in 1960. Yasin became a hero in the 1958 World Cup. Unbelievable goal saves, unsatisfied for penalties. Another legend and friend said of Eusebio Yassin, “Seeing him under the goal post would make many stars lose their confidence.”

Yasin also played with broken bones and injuries. Such was the insistence. The leader of the guard. He always gave orders to the guards. As quick as he was out of the box, he also had the ability to rebound quickly when needed. He had an incredible ability to develop aggression and perfect passes.

Not all heroes have a simple life. Leo Yasin was one of those rare few. The ‘beautiful game’ is not always beautiful, the world’s best keeper thinks. 1962 FIFA World Cup for example. He conceded two such goals in the quarter-finals, which no one expected from a legend like him. However, mistakes are made by humans. He did too. He was not only responsible for the goal. Although he became a villain. Yasin suffered a concussion before scoring in the quarter-finals. Yasin’s failure was exaggerated in the Soviet press. Yasin got injured in that one match. His house, car was broken into. Death threats are also being given.

Not all stars can. A few stars can destroy the empire. Yasin also managed to return to Musnad. He took the crown on his head again. Won the Ballon d’Or in 1963. Leo Yassin is the only goalkeeper in the history of world football to win the Ballon d’Or award. This history has not changed even today. There have been many goalkeepers in world football. One of the best. Black Spider, Leo Yasin.


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